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Freeze-Dried Raw Mixers & Dog Food Toppers & Mixers

Add the power and taste of raw to any diet with a simple scoop of our Freeze-Dried Raw Mixers and Toppers. From Magical Dinner Dust to Meal Mixer Superblends, there are plenty of options to kickstart your dog’s kibble and make mealtime more exciting! Great for picky eaters and adding variety.
Freeze-Dried Raw Mixers & Dog Food Toppers & Mixers

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Benefits of Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Toppers

Freeze-dried dog food toppers and meal mixers are an easy way to add the benefits of raw dog food to any diet, including maintaining a healthy weight, shiny coat, cleaner teeth, joint health and improved energy!

Adding even more raw perks, Stella’s Solutions freeze-dried raw recipes are crafted to support specific aspects of your dog’s health, including immune support, digestive support and more.

How to Use Freeze-Dried Dog Food Toppers & Meal Mixers

To use freeze-dried raw dog food as a topper or meal mixer, simply add a scoop to your dog’s dry food at mealtime, adjusting the overall portion size accordingly. Each of our freeze-dried raw dog food toppers and mixers (except for Magical Dinner Dust) can also be served as a complete meal, offering balanced nutrition for all life stages.


You can find recommended proportions and more detailed information on each product page, or contact our team with any questions!