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Meal Mixer Superblends

SuperBlends Meal Mixers are an easy and convenient way to mix some raw food nutrition into your dog’s diet, or serve as a complete and balanced meal for dogs of all life stages! SuperBlends are made of premium freeze-dried raw animal protein enhanced with an extra blend of organic freeze-dried raw superfoods and zero grains. We also offer SuperBlends raw blend kibble for dogs.
Meal Mixer Superblends

Which Superfoods Are Included in SuperBlends?

Certified organic superfoods used to craft our SuperBlends Meal Mixers include:

Each recipe is also fortified with vitamins and minerals, and enhanced with probiotics and antioxidants to support your dog’s vibrant health!

You can find a full ingredient list on each of the SuperBlends Meal Mixer product pages, and on the packaging.

Feeding SuperBlends to Your Dog

To serve as a meal mixer/topper, simply add a scoop (¼ cup) of SuperBlends to your dog’s bowl of kibble or wet food. You can also crumble the pieces and sprinkle them over your dog’s food, or rehydrate with 2 Tbsp of water or bone broth before mixing in.

To serve SuperBlends as a complete and balanced meal, serve as-is or rehydrate before serving. Refer to the feeding guidelines on the package or product page to find the right amount for your dog.

We also have a line of superfood-powered raw blend dog kibble with wholesome grains!