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Do you have a special cat on your Christmas list this year? You know we always do! Check out our picks for the most purrfect cat products of 2023.

Cermaic Cat Feeder | this fancy plate is fit for a fancy feline

A Stylish Food Bowl

Every cool cat needs an equally cool cat bowl! We love this Outward Hound Fishie Fun Feed Mat for an engaging meal time. A raised cat food bowl is also a good idea as it aids in your cat’s digestion and makes eating more comfortable. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more simple, you can’t go wrong with a cat-shaped cat dish!

Wet Food topper | This is for cats on the nice list

A Wet Topper in Their Favorite Texture

It’s important for your cat to stay hydrated to maintain proper urinary health. If your cat is one of the many that don’t drink water regularly, a wet food topper is a great way to add more moisture to their diet. Our Carnivore Cravings pouches come in an easy-to-open package for easy use as a complete and balanced meal or pour-over topper. If you prefer canned food, our Carnivore Cravings line also includes recipes in three textures– pâté, shreds, or morsels

A Flowing Water Fountain

Speaking of keeping your kitty hydrated, adding a water fountain to your home is a great way to entice picky drinkers to take a sip. This Butterfly PetSafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain will do the trick! We’re also loving the floral design on this Hagen Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Water Fountain

Raw Food Toppers | Top your cat's supper with savory raw bites

A Boost of Raw Nutrition

As obligate carnivores, cats crave a meat-based diet. Raw cat food from Stella & Chewy’s makes introducing raw food into your cat’s diet easy! Check out our frozen raw dinner morsels for a raw and real texture, or explore our freeze-dried raw dinner morsels for a shelf stable option. Remember to introduce your cat to new foods slowly over time. If you’re looking for a good starting point, try a freeze-dried raw topper such as Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust or Stella’s Solutions. Whichever option you choose, your cat will love the taste of real raw food!

Velvet Collar | The purrfect fit for holiday card photos

A Festive Holiday Collar

Get your cat a holiday collar right meow! There are plenty of cute options that will help your cat look their best, including this adorable velvet cat collar. You may also choose to dress your feline friend in a holiday sweater, but a lightweight collar may be a better option for cats who don’t like to dress up. 

Plush Bed | A soft, comfy place to rest those toe beans

A Place to Lay Their Head

Winter weather is purrfect for cuddling up in your coziest bed. This purple cat bed is just right for catching some afternoon Z’s. If your cat prefers to sleep where they play, the MidWest Curious Cat Cube is an excellent combo! 

Cat Scratcher | let your kitty scratch out their inner wild side

A Cat Parent Approved Scratcher

When we give our cats an appropriate place to scratch their claws, it helps prevent unwanted scratches on our furniture and other belongings. Cat scratcher options are truly endless these days, but we’re especially obsessed with this Seagrass Cat Scratcher that’s fit for kitty royalty! Of course, if your cat prefers something smaller you can always go with this Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch Massage Cat Bed or this adorable Rainbow Scratcher!

A Window Watching Perch

What cat doesn’t love lounging in a window? Whether it’s for napping or bird watching, making the experience more comfortable for your feline friend will make their day. This Kitty Cot can attach to any window via suction cups, while this Kitty Sill Cushioned Cat Perch uses hooks and loops to attach to your window sill. If you prefer not to attach anything to your window, a tall cat tree near a window will do!

Litter Mat | Keep Your Cat's Paws free of debris

Litter Box Accessories 

Every cat wants a comfortable litter box, and every cat parent wants to keep their home as clean as can be. This Van Ness Large Framed Litter Pan helps keep litter in the box, while this Messy Mutts Silicone Litter Mat makes it easy for your cat to get loose litter off their paws. If you want to get an extra special gift for both you and your cat, this WiFi Enabled Litter Robot will keep the box tidy at all times!

Kickaroo Toy | This one's sure to inspire some feline acrobatics

An Engaging Toy

Make the most of play time with a super fun toy! These Kitty Incredibubbles are safe for your feline friend to chase and pop. Speaking of chase, how about a rousing round of Feather Wand? Or you can go with this Kong Kickeroo Cuddler. 

Shop Small this Holiday Season

At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re proud to support small businesses in neighborhoods like yours. Check your local neighborhood pet store for pawsome gifts for your pup this holiday season. Unsure where to find a pet store near you? Check out our store locator!

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