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Wet Food for Cats

Our grain-free & all-natural wet cat food provides the easily digestible protein-based nutrition your cat needs to thrive. Serve our tasty, moisture-rich wet cat foods as a complete and balanced meal, or use them as bowl toppers to add mealtime excitement. Every recipe starts with responsibly sourced muscle meat and bone broth, along with other pristine ingredients to support your cat's health.
Wet Cat Food

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Why Cats Love Our Wet Food 

Cats go wild for our delicious wet cat food recipes because they’re:

Cat parents love our wet cat food because it supports their cat’s digestive health and appeals to even the pickiest eaters! Like all of our products, our wet cat food recipes are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Wet Cat Food Feeding Tips

Each package includes feeding guidelines to help you find the optimal amount of wet food for your cat. You can also ask your vet about portion size, and learn more about how much and how often to feed your cat.

Wet cat food can sit out at room temperature for up to 2 hours. If you have leftovers from an already opened can, carton or pouch, you can refrigerate them for 7-10 days.

Most cats appreciate variety, and rotating the protein in your cat’s diet offers several benefits. Explore our dinner morsels for cats, pate cat food, or shredded cat food to discover your options!