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Theo Doodlebear

Theo Doodlebear

Theo is a 1.5 year old Mini Goldendoodle living in NYC. He's a total softie and loves every single person and dog he has ever met, and his springy curls are perfect for snuggling with! He is a foodie at heart (aka picky eater) and the only kibble he will eat is the S&C raw coated kibble which we spice up by adding different flavors of S&C meal mixers to. His absolute favorite S&C products are the freeze dried raw patties which we save for when we need to bribe him to take a bath!

Favorite Recipes:
Chicken Raw Coated Kibble
Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers
Venison Blend Freeze-Dried Patties
Absolutely Rabbit Freeze-Dried Patties
Raw Coated Beef Biscuits


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