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Stella & Chewy’s proudly supports neighborhood pet stores. Learn more about Florida-based Max’s Pet Market & Salon in this Stella’s Spotlight!

About Max’s Pet Market & Salon

Established in 2019, Max’s Pet Market & Salon operates six neighborhood pet stores in Florida, including Wesley Chapel, San Antonio, New Tampa, Fort Myers, and Odessa. Max’s Pet Market & Salon is an all-natural and organic “solutions-based” pet market offering the highest quality natural and organic pet nutritional solutions, treats, toys, spa, and grooming services, plus luxury pet hotel and doggie daycare enrichment services. They believe pets are an integral part of the family and deserve to live long, healthy and happy lives. Staying healthy means living longer and making the right choices. They know that our dogs and cats trust and depend on their pet parents to make informed and educated decisions on their nutrition and diet. Max’s Pet Market & Salon was founded because of the store’s namesake, a little white dog by the name of Max. He is the reason they open their doors every single day.

Services and Products at Max’s Pet Market & Salon

Every one of Max’s Pet Market & Salon’s stores is pet friendly and offers a safe and welcoming place for their community to bring their dogs and cats in to shop for their favorite healthy treat, browse for a new toy, and stop by for a cage-free spa date. The products and services they offer are of the highest quality. Customers trust them for providing only the best biologically appropriate nutritional diets for their loved ones, and their award winning salon is the best in the business, offering full service and cage-free grooming packages. Today, all of their new locations now offer luxurious pet suites for overnight and extended staycations as well as pet enrichment and daycare services. The pups and kitties within their care have always been raised on Stella & Chewy’s raw and freeze-dried raw diets. Feeding a biologically appropriate raw food diet is critical to providing our loved ones with the healthiest lifestyle. Everyone of their employees embraces the “raw” lifestyle and firmly believes that what we eat impacts our daily lives.

Why Shop Local at Max’s Pet Market & Salon?

Shopping locally and supporting small businesses allows our communities to grow, develop and prosper. Max’s Pet Market & Salon owners live in the same communities their stores are located in. Their friends and neighbors shop at their stores, they celebrate birthdays and holidays together, and their families and pets play at the same parks and go to the same events. As a small business, being active in the community is critically important to Max’s Pet Market & Salon. Whether it is providing donations to local animal shelters, sponsoring their community cheer team, or attending local farmers markets, they always look for ways to support and give back to the communities they serve. At every Max’s Pet Market & Salon store, each and every one of our employees has your pet’s best interests at heart. They treat each and every pup and kitty like they are their own. They are the voice for the voiceless and will always be compassionate and caring for all our visitors. Max wouldn’t want it any other way.

Stella & Chewy’s Supports Local Businesses Like Max’s Pet Market & Salon

At Stella & Chewy’s, we celebrate sharing the love that small businesses like Max’s Pet Market & Salon being to their local communities. Learn more about how you can support your local pet store by reading more Stella’s Spotlights on our blog!

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