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Raw inspired dog food that will win over your picky eater! Made with premium ingredients like grass-fed beef and organic fruits and vegetables.

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Picky Eater Tips

8 tips to help your picky eater!

Stick to a Schedule

Dogs do get use to a routine so serve their meals at the same time every day.

30 Minute Rule

Your dog will quickly learn, they need to eat it or they will lose it.

Go Raw

Raw and freeze-dried food brings more meat and flavor to mealtime which dogs go crazy for!

Top It

Try topping with warm water, our Meal Mixers or another topper.

Exercise Before Meals

Exercising with a chance for you dog to cool down before eating can stimulate metabolism and hunger.

Play Favorites

If your dog has a favorite human, have that person serve the meals.

New Dish

Trying a different style bowl or an elevated bowl can impact eating for some dogs.

Different Location

Particularly if you have more than one dog, feed each dog in a different location.

Our Product Guarantee

We proudly stand behind our product. If you are not fully satisfied we'll refund your recent purchase.


Benefits of Raw Feeding

Dogs crave raw meat, much like they once ate in the wild. Pet parents and veterinarians tell us that feeding a raw diet helps support:

For each bag purchased, we donate a meal to an adult rescue dog.

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