Our Mission

Only the Good Stuff

We believe that selecting the best food is one of the most important decisions an owner can make for their furry companion. Stella & Chewy’s was built on the philosophy that pets thrive when they’re fed the same diet they would find in the wild. We believe they deserve premium raw ingredients like grass-fed meat, cage-free poultry and wild-caught fish. We believe in and only use organic fruits and vegetables. We believe all this without caveats, without asterisks and without compromise; because we believe that unconditional nutrition is as important as unconditional love.

How we give back

At Stella & Chewy’s, we have a long-standing commitment to animal welfare and contributing to the health and well-being of pets. Our company was inspired by the health challenges of a sick dog who was rescued from a shelter and required special attention. So no matter how big our growing business gets, our responsible-giving efforts will always be firmly rooted in the company’s values. We’re passionate about using our company, our products and our knowledge to impact the lives of animals who need help. Shelters and rescues seeking support can submit a donation request by downloading our form here and emailing it to our donation management team listed on the PDF.

What people are saying

11 yr old Golden

I wanted to take a moment to thank you. We have 3 dogs that we absolutely love and are family. Our oldest golden retriever was failing. She turned 11 in December and had lost 15 pounds and was completely repulsed by food. I was in a local pet store and came upon your product. After rejecting everything, and I mean everything, I tried your dried food and she ate. … Continue Reading

-Jennifer Freedman

Marley & Sasha

We just wanted to drop a note to tell you your product is the very best. We switched from kibble to Stella & Chewy's with our Akita mix when she was 6 years old. Had she not developed "degenerative myelopathy" at age 12 we believe we would still have her. She passed away at age 14 (the oldest dog we have ever raised.) My husband and I believe it was the S&C that gave her the healthy and happy life she had. No running to the vet for any issues of any kind (except once a year for rabies and a wellness check), no teeth cleaning and small firm stools. Harley's coat was thick and shiny and her teeth like pearls. … Continue Reading

-Raya and James Leahy

Little Lulu

Little Lulu was born on 9.30.14. The runt of the liter at 1.5 lbs. Sickly. Had to syringe feed her...she just didn't want to eat. I mean she was picky! Some days she'd only eat raw organic duck breast, or yogurt or steak...absolutely NO veggies. A few weeks ago the SECOND vet said her kidney levels were so high that there MUST be something biologically wrong with her and we needed to prepare to put her down. The sonogram would tell us HOW long we had left...at 2.5 lbs surgery wasn't an option. But when they did it...they found NOTHING wrong! I tried countless kinds of kitty pate and numerous dog foods and lots of human food... … Continue Reading

-Catherine Mossman

In the News

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