Little Lulu

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Little Lulu was born on 9.30.14. The runt of the liter at 1.5 lbs.  Sickly.  Had to syringe feed her…she just didn’t want to eat.  I mean she was picky!  Some days she’d only eat raw organic duck breast, or yogurt or steak…absolutely NO veggies.  A few weeks ago the SECOND vet said her kidney levels were so high that there MUST be something biologically wrong with her and we needed to prepare to put her down.  The sonogram would tell us HOW long we had left…at 2.5 lbs surgery wasn’t an option. But when they did it…they found NOTHING wrong!  I tried countless kinds of kitty pate and numerous dog foods and lots of human food…

Well for the last two weeks Lulu has been eating one kind of dog food, 3 times a day.  YOURS.  I have the chicken and the duck and will try the others but I just had to tell you!!  She is finally getting the balanced nutrition she needs.  We are THRILLED!!!!

Now, mysteriously she keeps getting better!  I think I’m going to keep feeding her well…

Thank you for making such an amazing high quality food!

All the best!

Catherine Mossman