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Stella & Chewy’s is proud to support neighborhood pet stores. We believe that shopping local and supporting small business is important and we’re highlighting one of our retailers below: Pet Supermarket!

About Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket was founded in 1973 with a mission to be a place that contained everything a pet lover needed to care for their pet. Their very first store opened in South Florida and they now have over 200 locations in local communities across the southeast. Their favorite part about providing products and services for pets is getting to know their customers. Their employees often get to know pets on a first-name basis and develop meaningful relationships with each pet parent.

In addition to pet products, Pet Supermarket offers self-serve dog washes, grooming, and pet care clinics. As a company, they are passionate about finding forever homes for shelter pets and host adoption events in their stores. They also host donation drives during these in-store events, including Pet Appreciation Week, Thanks4Giving, and War Dogs. Due to their geographic location, they have also hosted post-hurricane donation drivers for local people and pets affected by storms in their areas.

Their favorite Stella & Chewy’s products they offer are freeze-dried raw Meal Mixers as pet parents love the ingredients and know they are feeding their dog a healthy diet that gets them excited for mealtime.

Why Shop Local?

Pet Supermarket believes that shopping local is important to help boost the local economy and improve the community culture. Small businesses also have an interest in fostering their community by getting involved in local events and supporting other organizations.

Pet Supermarket has been a trusted specialty pet retailer for over 30 years. Their passionate and knowledgeable associates are dedicated to helping you care for your care, whether they have four legs, two legs, fins, or feathers.

Learn more about Pet Supermarket or find a neighborhood pet store near you!