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November 29, 2022

At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re committed to helping often overlooked senior pets find their forever homes through our Journey Home Fund. In honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November, we helped sponsor the adoption fees of senior cats and dogs adopted from shelters and rescues across the US and Canada! We’ve already helped more than 150 senior pets make their journey home, and the month isn’t over yet! Here are just a few of our favorite 2022 Journey Home Fund adoption stories.

“I met [Stripey] at a local cat café I went to for my birthday and fell in love. I then went through the process of adopting him and now he has finally come home!” – Lindsey

“Archie was found as a stray and no owner came for him. He was a stray that had no name. First order of business– I gave him a name: Archie. After his stray hold, Treasured Animal Rescue rescued him and before placing him into his foster home he went straight to the vet. He had a horrible ear infection, hair was matted and filthy, and you could smell his atrocious breath. He received an Oti-Pac for his ear infection which we then couldn’t bathe him fully. But he got a much-needed bath for his body– just didn’t touch his head. When he was bathed, he just moaned like all his doggie worries went down the drain. What we found underneath that filth was a beautiful white dog. Day of his much-needed dental he went into surgery and came back 22 less teeth. 22 teeth either fell out or were extracted because he had Stage 5 dental disease.” – Jolanta

adopted senior dog

“My dog passed away a month ago and I was looking to adopt another English Setter. I found Our English Setter Rescue and after looking through a few pups, I found Copper and Dixie, a bonded pair of sisters. I knew we would be the perfect home for them to live out their golden years!” – Jessica

senior english setters

“Gerty was surrendered to the Alabama Chapter of Bullies 2 the Rescue. Gerty was surrendered after her owner died and his elderly wife was unable to care for her. No one else in the family wanted her. When she came into rescue she was very depressed and had no will to live. She quickly fell in love with her foster parents young children and regained a youthful spark and strong will to live. Gerty lives with another bulldog adopted from B2TR and a rescued beagle.” – Craig

senior english bulldog

“My wife and I already have an adopted dog from Hearts and Bones (Macaroni) and during the pandemic started fostering. We made it quite a while without [foster] failing, but Petey stole our hearts in minutes. He wasn’t actually supposed to be on the transport on which he arrived, so we found out we were fostering only a few hours before picking him up. We picked him up, a shy and sleepy boy not used to the city. When we got home, he and Mac started playing almost immediately. That’s when we knew we had failed. He’s come so far in only a couple weeks, and we couldn’t be happier to have the little guy as a part of our growing family.” – Justin

senior chihuahua mix

“We lost our 14 year old boxer last year and finally ready to adopt. I wanted to give an older dog the best years of their life because we got so lucky with our first rescue. Sandee will fill our heats and we look forward to giving her the best life!” – Jessica

senior boxer mix

“Sasha was rehomed because of too many dogs. Sasha was attacked by another dog when she was living in Pennsylvania. When the rescue came in they posted Sasha and had her for quite some time. I fostered Sasha in June and fell in love with her. I’m so happy I adopted her. Sasha now lives in a quiet home down the shore in New Jersey. She does not have any other animals that live with her, so she enjoys all the attention. My grandnieces and grandnephews come over and play and love Sasha. Sasha goes on her occasional walks and gets to see her “furcousin” Curtis who lives across the street. The neighbors simply love Sasha. She is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet who just want to give you kisses all day.” – Barbara

cute older dog

“Sparky and Stumpy are a bonded pair that we fostered after their owners became to ill to care for them. They have stolen are hearts and are fantastic with our children!” – Lauren

small senior pet

“Wrigley was an owner surrender due to complications with young children in the home. We had been looking for another companion for our other doxie for over a year and got lucky to find Wrigley! He is a sweet senior boy who enjoys burrowing in blankets and pillows as well as trying to destroy all squeaker toys.” – Jackie

senior dachshund

“Ziggy was rescued from a shelter in Texas. We don’t know much about his backstory other than he lived with or around cats! He came to NY Hearts and Bones and I saw him online. I immediately fell in love with his sweet face and even sweeter demeanor. I was looking to give an older dog their forever home and am so happy I found Ziggy!” – Chelsey

sleepy senior dog

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