Marley & Sasha

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 2:33 pm

We just wanted to drop a note to tell you your product is the very best.

We switched from kibble to Stella & Chewy’s with our Akita mix when she was 6 years old.  Had she not developed “degenerative myelopathy” at age 12 we believe we would still have her.  She passed away at age 14 (the oldest dog we have ever raised.)  My husband and I believe it was the S&C that gave her the healthy and happy life she had.  No running to the vet for any issues of any kind (except once a year for rabies and a wellness check), no teeth cleaning and small firm stools.  Harley’s coat was thick and shiny and her teeth like pearls.

Later we “took in” from our neighbors a shepard/terrier mix who had severe stomach issues and was on medication.  We took Marley off the kibble she was eating (very slowly) – over a period of one month and then it was S&C.  No stomach issues, no medication and no trips to the vet except her annual.  Then we took in Dog No. 2, a Rottweiler, from still another neighbor.  Sasha did not have stomach issues but vomited off and on – her stools were “gigantic” and she shed constantly.  We recently started weaning her off her kibble to a diet of only S&C.  She stopped vomiting, her stools are getting smaller and more firm, she sheds less and her shiny coat is even more shiny.

End of story.  Who can argue with your product?  No one can.  We do spend more money on feeding our girls, but we save big time with no trips to the vet and no medication.  They are very happy and, of course, so are their parents!!

Thank you so much Stella and Chewy.

Raya and James Leahy