Fan – Bauer

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 9:27 am

I adopted my little guy Bauer, a pug mini pinscher mix, a few months ago and he came to us with an icky case of demodectic mange, which brought on a secondary condition, seborrhea. Our vet tried his best to battle it with a daily does for heartworm medicine which I wasn’t very comfortable with. We were bathing and putting lotion on him frequently to soothe his itchy flaky skin, nothing was helping. After a month of the vets treatment I stopped everything and put him on Stella’s Freeze Dried Beef patties. He was showing improvement in a week. Now a few weeks later and his fur is completely grown back and he’s healthier than ever. I cannot thank this company enough for saving my little guy! After trying the freeze dried we’re even moving on to the frozen formulas as well. There aren’t thanks enough for helping my little guy!
–Abagail Brown