Ambassador: Cooper - Stella & Chewy's Pet Food



Cooper is an extremely loving and playful boy. He literally goes anywhere we go and has been traveling with us through Europe and the US visiting quite a lot of cool places He curls up on to me completely unaware he is 110lbs. And he plays dead when his dad Greg has to carry him up the stairs for bed time. We both swear he can talk when it comes to begging for his favorite treats, stuffed dog he's had since he was a puppy, or simply when he wants some attention.But Cooper's most hilarious moments can be found when he gets the chance to run off leash full speed, while grunting like a crazy monkey, preferably with his best lil doggy buddy from next door - something we have affectionately named... the Derp.
Cooper is going to turn 5 years old this June 16th and we hope to be spending MANY more happy years with our precious boy.


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