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There’s no requirement for dog food to be human grade, and there’s no legal definition of human grade dog food. That being said, AAFCO has criteria for including the words “human grade” on dog food labels which include the following:

In short, “human grade dog food” means all the ingredients are safe for human consumption, handled in compliance with strict food safety regulations, and produced in facilities registered and inspected by relevant authorities to make sure human food laws are followed from beginning to end.

Human Grade Dog Food For Shih Tzus

Human Grade vs Feed Grade

“Human grade” is a term that’s only used to describe pet foods. Food products for people are labeled “edible” by the USDA, while products not intended for use as human food are labeled “inedible”. Most dog food is “feed grade”, which describes food products for all animals (including pets, farm animals and zoo animals). Feed grade means the food is not suitable for human consumption according to FDA standards and can only be fed to animals.

Human Grade Dog Food For Corgis

Is Human Grade Dog Food Better for Dogs?

Not necessarily. Dogs have different digestive systems from humans so it’s incorrect to assume that human or human-grade foods are better for your dog. Human grade dog food is one of many options you have when choosing a high-quality, nutritious diet for your dog, including:

What matters most is that the dog food is made with quality ingredients, stringent quality control measures, and nutritional expertise in formulation. For example, two different brands of dog food can both have “chicken” in the ingredient list, but the chicken can be sourced and processed very differently. There are many dog food facilities, like Stella & Chewy’s, with uncompromising safety and quality standards, just as there are many human food facilities that barely meet the minimum standards.

Benefits of Human Grade Dog Food

There are some cases where choosing a human grade dog food can be especially beneficial such as:

If your dog has digestive health issues or any other condition, consult your veterinarian and follow the diet they recommend for your dog.

Human Grade Dog Food For Bully Breeds

Do Veterinarians Recommend Human Grade Food for Dogs?

Most vets will tell you that “human grade” on the dog food label matters less than whether the dog food has complete and balanced nutrition for dogs. At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re dedicated to providing best-in-class nutrition using responsibly-sourced premium ingredients. We make all of our frozen raw, freeze-dried raw and baked kibble dog foods in our very own Wisconsin kitchen, which has earned SQF Food Safety Certification (above and beyond the standards required by law).  We also provide a package certificate of analysis for each of our raw or baked foods, so you can look up the third-party testing results which are part of our rigorous safety protocols.

No matter which of our dog foods you choose, you can be sure your dog is getting the proper nutrition they need to support their health, with only the good stuff! We offer the following human grade options for dogs:

FreshMade Fresh Dog Food

Stella’s Stew

Bountiful Bone Broth & Broth Toppers

If you have any questions about dog food safety, quality or our ingredients, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Keep reading to learn more about reading dog food labels, and find out which human foods aren’t safe for dogs to eat.

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