Dinosaurs for Dinner - Stella & Chewy's Pet Food

Totally Pterodactyl

  • • 95% pterodactyl, organs and bone
  • • Will have your dog’s taste buds flying
  • • Responsibly sourced via time machine

Wild Wooly Mammoth

  • • 95% woolly mammoth, organs and bone
  • • Tundra grass-fed
  • • Prehistoric flavor your dog will savor

Buncha' Brontosaurus

  • • 95% brontosaurus, organs and bone
  • • Poultry free recipe
  • • Dino-mite delicious

While Totally Pterodactyl sounds totally exciting - and perhaps a bit frightening - we can’t responsibly source dinosaur without a time machine Which we dont have. Trust us. We’ve looked around. What we can offer is an incredible assortment of pristine raw food options from frozen to freeze-dried to raw coated kibble!

Thanks for playing along! Enjoy $4.10 off any single Stella & Chewy's product!

(Yes, this coupon is real. We wouldn't joke about that!)