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Why Stella: S&C Employees Share What They Feed

January 15, 2019

At Stella and Chewy’s creating safe, best-in-class, nutritious pet food is our top priority.  The food we make really is the food we feed our fur babies! We know first hand the importance of feeding our loved ones the best. We’re proud to offer many options for a variety of needs and preferences. We also know that choosing the right food can be a hard decision. That’s why we decided to share what some of our employees have chosen to feed their pets and why they see it as the best fit for them.

Zoe and Tommy

I feed Tommy Stella’s Stews exclusively. He gets 1 carton per day, which for a 10 lb dog, is complete and balanced. Tommy is 16.5 years old and missing all but a few teeth; we go with the Stella’s Stews for Tommy because the stew is so easy for him to eat, and I love knowing that it contains a high moisture content which is extra important for a senior pet. These stews are human-grade so I know I’m giving Tommy the best. These stews also contain bone broth instead of water and there are also so many more benefits of bone broth – it is nutrient rich, which is so important for seniors! He loves all of the recipes – we rotate proteins about every two weeks or so. He’s been eating Stella and Chewy’s stews for a while now and I have definitely noticed improved digestion and vitality! It’s great knowing I’m doing every thing I can to help extend Tommy’s life and help him thrive.

Tina, Zeus and Hera

I feed Zeus and Hera a mix of Frozen Raw Dinner Patties and Raw Coated Kibble. Zeus is Bernese Mountain Dog/Catahoula mix (85 lbs) and Hera is Lab/Golden Retriever Mix (65 lbs). Since my two dogs are larger, the large frozen patties mixed with the kibble is the most cost effective option for them. Plus, they go crazy from the frozen raw in their meal. For the Frozen Raw, they love the Duck Duck Goose, Surf ‘N Turf and Dandy Lamb 8 oz patties. Their favorite Raw Coated Kibble is the Wild-Caught Whitefish recipe. We do switch up recipes about every 2-3 weeks. Some people have concerns about feeding raw pet food and kibble. Our food scientists and vets have looked at this very closely and with the strong digestive system that dogs have this has been proven to be perfectly safe for dogs.

Since switching to S&C, both Zeus and Hera have had a smoother, shinier and softer coats. Prior to S&C, Zeus was totally uninterested in meal time and would often skip meals – which was definitely frustrating and concerning for me. Now he literally jumps up and down while waiting for his food bowl and never skips a meal. I have seen a huge increase in energy with Zeus, especially with his age, he is acting like his younger self now which really warms my heart.

Katie and Wesley

I feed Wesley, my 52 lb English Bulldog, 13 Freeze-Dried raw dinner patties per day! He drinks a lot of water on his own during mealtimes and prefers the patties as is, so I don’t hydrate the Freeze Dried Raw Patties.  I live in an apartment and have limited freezer space, so frozen raw food isn’t an option for me.  I love that the freeze-dried patties are shelf-stable, so I can store them pretty much anywhere! Wesley’s favorite freeze dried raw recipes are the Surf ‘N Turf Freeze Dried Raw Patties and Stella’s Super Beef Freeze Dried Raw Patties. I do still rotate recipes every 2-3 weeks to keep meal times exciting! He has no skin issues, maintains a very healthy weight and has no tear stains – all of which can be common for bulldogs.  I owe all of that to Stella & Chewy’s!

Steve, Ducati, and Ibrah

I feed my cats, Ducati (10 lbs) and Ibrah (11 lbs), Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for cats – they love all of the recipes! They each get 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night. I hydrate the morsels (note: Stella & Chewy’s always recommends hydrating our freeze dried raw cat food as mealtime is a critical time for your cat’s hydration) with a decent amount of water; the bottom of the bowl will have water in it for around 10 minutes or so until the food soaks it up. They usually wait until the food absorbs all the water before eating.  I like that it’s all meat and vitamins since cats are carnivores and when we hydrate the food they get a lot of water through their diet since cats don’t naturally drink a ton of water. The convenience of freeze-dried raw is also great because I can feed them pure meat but still have a shelf stable product. Both Ducati and Ibrah love the Chick, Chick Chicken and Absolutely Rabbit recipes. Everyone comments how soft their fur is and they have ridiculous amounts of energy.  They are more active at 3-years old then when they were kittens and are always running after each other or chasing things in the apartment.


Lori and George

George is a 1 year old, 175 lbs. Great Dane English Mastiff. George eats 14 cups of Wild-Caught Whitefish Raw Coated Kibble a day. Sometimes I will also add in Salmon & Cod meal mixers as a special topper. He has a very sensitive stomach and a fish diet is what he seems to do best with so we don’t rotate proteins. His coat is so shiny black and he has a lot of energy leading an active lifestyle with travel, social doggy dates and meeting new human friends.
*When choosing food for a large breed puppy, always consult with your veterinarian to determine at what age they will reach adulthood and how long they should remain on growing large breed puppy-formulated food.


Katelyn and Darwin

I feed Darwin, my  2.5 year old Husky Staffordshire Terrier mix, a mixture of Frozen Raw Dinner Patties and Freeze Dried Raw Patties, along with Broth Toppers; Darwin weighs 50 lbs and gets 21 patties per day. When using the Freeze Dried Raw, I always hydrate with either water or bone broth. I want Darwin to live the longest, happiest & healthiest life possible. I believe in feeding my pets biologically appropriate meals, which for Darwin means A LOT of protein. Frozen Raw allows me to feel confident that I’m feeding a true, minimally processed diet. I like mixing in Freeze-Dried and Broth to keep things interesting for him! We are also incredibly active together, going on hikes and spending a lot of time outdoors, so this high protein diet really works for him. He really loves Chewy’s Chicken Dinner Patties and Surf ‘N Turf Dinner Patties. Since changing to S&C, Darwin has experienced better breath, less stool, shiny coat, more energy and healthy muscle tone.

Courtney and Roger

I mainly feed Roger, my 12 lb Dachshund, Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties but will feed Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels from time to time. Roger gets 3-3.5 Freeze-Dried Patties per day and I break it into three meals. If I’m using the Freeze Dried Raw, I will hydrate with water and sometimes with S&C Broth for a treat. Freeze-Dried Patties are a huge time saver and very easy to travel with. They don’t need to be thawed out and only take a few minutes to prepare. Because Roger is so small (12 lbs), it takes him a while to get through one 14 oz. bag, so the cost of the Freeze-Dried Patty diet makes sense for a dog his size. My family is very social and we like to bring Roger with us wherever we go. The Freeze-Dried Patties are easy to throw in a bag and go. And it’s easy enough to pack a bowl and mason jar of water to use for hydrating the patties on the go. I usually have two or three different Freeze-Dried Patty recipes at home. Some weeks I stick to one protein, other weeks I rotate every other day. It really depends! Roger has never had problems with rotating proteins. His favorite recipes seem to be Chewy’s Chicken, Surf ‘N Turf and Duck Duck Goose. I was able to start feeding Stella & Chewy’s when Roger was 6 months old; people always comment on his soft/shiny coat, the vet says he is extremely healthy and he definitely has a lot of energy!

Dylan and Rodney

Rodney is my 5 year old Tabby cat who is very particular about his food. I feed him the Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats. We rotate between the Chick, Chick Chicken and the Duck, Duck Goose recipes every 2 weeks to keep things interesting for him as he is quite picky; he gets 3/4 cup in the morning for breakfast and 3/4 cups in the evening for dinner when I’m feeding Chick, Chick Chicken and he gets 1/2 cup in the morning and night if I’m feeding the Duck, Duck Goose. I just portion out his food ahead of time and let it thaw in a covered container in the refrigerator so that it’s ready to serve the next day. His coat and his appetite have definitely improved since being switched to Stella and Chewy’s! He would often skip meals before, seemingly uninterested, and I am glad that’s no longer the case.

Raquel and Jaegar

I feed Jaegar, my 5 year old American Black Labrador Retriever, the Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties or the Freeze Dried Raw Meal Mixers. If feeding the patties, he will get 3 patties twice a day. If feeding the meal mixers, I give him 3 cups of Meal Mixers per day. I do rotate recipes about every 3 weeks; he is not a picky dog and absolutely loves all of the Stella and Chewy’s recipes! He especially seems to enjoy the Venison Blend, Absolutely Rabbit and Duck Duck Goose. Jaegar is a super active dog, with regular walks and some hunting trips, so this high protein diet works so well for him. He has a beautiful coat, he does not shed very much, has smaller poops and is very active; I truly believe that S&C helps him live life to the fullest!


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