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What Pet Obsessed Means to Us

February 20, 2018

When coming home to your pet after a long day of work is the best part of your day. When spending hours researching nutrition is worth it so you can be sure you’re giving your pet the best. When sporting a pair of socks with your pet’s face on them is the epitome of your fashion sense. This is what being “pet obsessed” means to us. To all of us at Stella and Chewy’s , pets are family, and they mean the world to us. Our company was founded by Marie Moody nearly 15 years ago, when she went to all lengths possible to ensure that her beloved, but sick dog Chewy got the best nutrition she could possibly offer him. Pets love unconditionally, and we return it wholeheartedly.

This blog is a place for the pet obsessed; the dog moms, dog dads, cat ladies and every pet parent in between. A place to celebrate dogs and cats, along with the lifestyle and passion we all share by being pet parents and wanting only the best for the furry members of our family. We will share the lifestyle products to make pet parent life easier and more fun, our DogNerdTV interviews, and the latest and greatest updates from the Stella and Chewy’s family.

So on behalf of the entire Stella and Chewy’s team, welcome to the Stella and Chewy’s new blog for the pet obsessed!! We hope you’ll stay around for a bit.

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