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Journey Home Fund: The Awesomeness of Senior Pet Adoption

November 07, 2018

Helping Support Adult and Senior Rescue Pets Through Journey Home Fund

Inspired by Stella and Chewy who were both adopted as adult rescues we created Journey Home Fund to bring awareness to the awesomeness of adult and senior pet adoption. But, it’s more than just awareness – for each bag of Stella & Chewy’s pet food purchased we donate a meal to an adult or senior rescue, up to 250,000 meals each year. Buy a bag, we donate a meal. It’s that simple.

During the month of November, which is Senior Rescue Month, we’re taking this commitment even further. Use #ISupportSeniorRescues on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your story of why adult and senior pets are so great and for each use of the hashtag we are donating $1, up to $5000 total, to our Journey Home Fund partners.

We support senior pet adoption all year round through our Journey Home Fund meal donations and especially love shining light on how amazing senior pet adoption really is. Here are some reasons why we and our partners feel adult and senior pet adoption is so great:

You save a life: Adopting a senior pet is a wonderful thing. Senior cats and dogs are abundant in shelters, and, unfortunately, are usually homeless longer since they are considered “less adoptable” than their younger counterparts.

You know what you’re getting: Puppies and kittens are constantly growing and picking up new behaviors and changes in personality. They require training, supervision and are a huge time commitment. Adult and senior dogs and cats come in the perfect, most likely potty-trained and established package so you almost always know exactly what you are getting when you take them home. Having already gone through the teething puppy phase, senior dogs are much less likely to destroy your shoes and couch while you’re away.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks: Senior pups are much more attentive than puppies and are able to focus on what is asked of them. They are usually more eager to please their owners and learn quickly.

You get a best friend: Most older cats and dogs have lower energy levels and are perfect for owners who are looking for a couch buddy, a calmer travel companion, or a more leisurely walking partner. Seniors are content to lounge around the house and do not demand your constant attention.

You gain a new perspective: Time with senior pets is never guaranteed, and this teaches us to live each day to the fullest; to focus on the quality, not the quantity. Love hard, spoil often and enjoy each moment you get with your adopted senior cat or dog.

How You Can Get Involved

Consider adopting a senior pet. We know that adopting a pet is a serious commitment and it is not one to be taken lightly. If the reasons above really reasonated with you and you are looking into adopting a pet, we encourage you to take another look at senior dogs and cats! Contact your local animal shelter or rescue or use an online adoption database such as PetFinder or AdoptAPet where you can filter by criteria like age.

Buy a bag of Stella and Chewy’s. For every Stella and Chewy’s food bag purchased, we donate a meal to an adult or senior rescue or shelter to help support rescue dogs and cats waiting to find their forever home. We know the importance of good nutrition and the passion our pet parents have for animals. We’re glad that we can help make your purchase of Stella & Chewy’s mean not only great food for your fur baby, but also for an adult rescue in need of quality nutrition.


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