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Poultry-Free Kibble Recipes for Your Dog!

May 24, 2018

While poultry remains a popular ingredient, many pet parents are looking for poultry-free solutions as their dogs have experienced poultry allergies or sensitivities. We’ve always been a go-to brand for food allergies and we’re happy to say we have many poultry-free kibble recipes, too!

We offer an array of poultry-free, grain-free kibble solutions to meet the needs and budgets of all pet parents. There are three Raw Coated Baked Kibble options, including Grass-Fed Lamb, Grass-Fed Beef and Wild-Caught Whitefish for those dogs with poultry allergies and sensitivities. Our Raw Blend Baked Kibble line offers up an exotic mix of animal proteins with our Red Meat Recipe, featuring grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb and grass-fed venison, and we also have our Free Range Recipe, featuring grass-fed lamb, grass-fed elk and grass-fed goat. We even offer a limited ingredient baked kibble recipe in Grass-Fed Lamb, designed specifically for sensitive pups with a single animal protein source and a limited number of easily digestible carbohydrates. Lastly, we have our Stella’s Essentials Grain-Free kibble line in a Beef & Lentils Recipe and Lamb & Lentils Recipe.

For pet parents looking for a grain-inclusive, poultry-free option, we offer Raw Coated Baked Kibble with Grains in a Beef Recipe with Pumpkin & Quinoa and Stella’s Essentials Wholesome Grains in a Grass-Fed Beef & Ancient Grains Recipe.

Poultry Free Kibble for Dogs
Our Grain-Free, Poultry-Free Kibble Solutions
Raw Coated Baked Kibble Grass-Fed Beef Recipe
Raw Coated Baked Kibble Grass-Fed Lamb Recipe
Raw Coated Baked Kibble Wild-Caught Whitefish Recipe
Raw Blend Baked Kibble Red Meat Recipe
Raw Blend Baked Kibble Free Range Recipe
Raw Blend Baked Kibble Wild Caught Recipe
Simply Stella’s Limited Ingredient Baked Kibble Grass-Fed Lamb Recipe
Stella’s Essentials Grain-Free Beef & Lentils Recipe
Stella’s Essentials Grain-Free Lamb & Lentils Recipe


Our Poultry-Free Kibble Solutions with Grains
Raw Coated Baked Kibble with Grains Beef Recipe with Pumpkin & Quinoa
Stella’s Essentials Wholesome Grains Beef & Ancient Grains Recipe


How Do You Know If Your Dog Has a Food Sensitivity?

Common symptoms that indicate a food sensitivity or allergy may exist include excessive scratching, hot spots, trouble keeping food down or other sensitive stomach issues, loss of fur/bald spots/changes in coat, messy bowel movements, and changes in mood and behavior. Consulting with your vet is a good first step to take if you suspect that there is a food allergy or sensitivity; there are tests that can help you identify what ingredients or food types are causing the reaction.

Our food options are a great choice for any dog dealing with an allergy or food sensitivity as we not only offer many different options (with many of them being single-source animal protein), but meat is always the number one ingredient for all of our kibble recipes. Exotic proteins can be an incredibly powerful solution for those pups dealing with food sensitivities and allergies, as it offers a totally new protein source that they likely have never tried and can do well with.

Ready to give our kibble a try? Get $5 off our Raw Coated Baked Kibble or $5 off our Stella’s Essentials.  We hope your dog loves our food, but if it doesn’t work out,  you can return or exchange the product directly to the retailer it was purchased from with our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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