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New Year’s Resolutions… for Your Pet!

December 21, 2018

Here’s a list of New Year’s Resolutions we know you can get behind. Because they all involve your pet. 🙂

New Year, New Food: When you’re getting the nutrition you need and eating food that nourishes you, it makes such a huge impact on every other facet of your life. The same is true for your pet; offering best-in-class nutrition helps keep their energy levels high and will have your fur baby healthy and thriving. At Stella and Chewy’s, we offer many different options for your dog or cat, including our Freeze Dried Raw and Frozen Raw for cats and dogs, our kibble options and human-grade wet food for dogs. You can use our Product Selector if you need help deciding what’s best for your dog or cat!

Exercise: More exercise is always a great goal. Longer walks or a few more games of fetch are great to add more activity while also doubling as more quality time spent with your pet. When you don’t have the time to do those, a treat ball with low-calorie treats is awesome to encourage self-play and get that activity level up in the house!

Treat Better: Do you know what’s in your treats? Specifically the calorie count. Low-calorie treats are a great way to reward and bond with your dog without packing them down with unneeded food that ultimately doesn’t have them at their ideal weight. We offer Carnivore Crunch treats that are less than 3 calories a treat. Our Wild Weenies and Single Ingredient Treats are also very reasonable on the calorie count while also offering a high-protein nutritious treat!

Quality Time: This resolution is one of our personal favorites because it is so rewarding! We already make our pets a priority, but being more aware of the actual time you’re spending with your pet and maybe even setting aside some time just to play and cuddle with your fur baby is the type of New Years Resolution we can 100% commit to.

New Year, New You: Quality time doesn’t have to be just playing or snuggling – it can also be spent training/teaching your pet a new skill. This can be an incredibly rewarding way to spend time with your pet and then show off your pet’s new-found swag to friends and family. Of course, our treats serve as a high-value reward to make that training pay off.

Get Insta-Famous: Now that your fur baby has these new-found skills and of course was already the MOST adorable you need to create an Instagram profile just for them! And we’ll be sure to stalk them from our Instagram profile. 🙂

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