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New Products for Cats | February 2020

February 21, 2020

At Stella & Chewy’s, we are always looking for new solutions that will allow pets to thrive. We listen attentively to pet parents to understand what their needs are and work closely with our nutrition and veterinary team to deliver best-in-class offerings that make a difference for you and your pet. We are excited to launch new complete diets in 2020* that stay true to our philosophy of the only the good stuff and look forward to your feedback.

*Product availability and timing of availability will vary by each individual retailer. Contact your local neighborhood pet store today for more information. Find a store near you.

Freeze-Dried Raw

Stella’s Solutions for cats are special and unique recipes that provide a perfect way to add a boost of nutrition, raw power, and taste to your cat’s bowl. Each recipe includes purposeful ingredients at meaningful levels that safely and effectively support your cat’s overall well-being. Find recipes at your local neighborhood pet store and select online retailers.

Digestive Boost:

-#1 ingredient cage-free chicken
-Natural sources of dietary fiber including pumpkin, pineapple, and pineapple stems support digestive health
-Natural enzymes like papaya aid in healthy digestion
-Prebiotics and probiotics including chicory root help support intestinal health
-L-carnitine supports and improves metabolism
-Mix with the current diet as a topper or serve as a complete and balanced meal

Skin & Coat Boost:

-Top ingredients cage-free duck and wild-caught salmon
-Biotin added to help support overall skin health
-Vitamin E and zinc promote a healthy coat
-Salmon and salmon oil rich in linoleic acid for a shiny coat
-Chia seed rich in omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
-Mix with the current diet as a topper or serve as a complete and balanced meal


Wet Food

Carnivore Cravings for cats include real ingredients, real nutrition, and real taste for a perfect meal or tasty topper! Recipes include Chicken & Chicken Liver, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Tuna, Duck & Chicken, Salmon, Tuna & Mackerel, and Tuna & Pumpkin available at your local neighborhood pet store.

-Meat always the #1 ingredient
-Responsibly sourced proteins include cage-free poultry and wild-caught fish
-Diets include shreds of real muscle meat for a great taste and texture cats love
-A nutritious broth-based gravy provides delicious taste and adequate hydration
-Provide a balanced blend of amino acids, omegas, vitamins and minerals, and taurine for heart and vision health
-Serve as a topper or as a complete and balanced meal
-Convenient pouches for quick serve


Questions? Reach out to our customer service team at or 888-477-8977 and contact your local neighborhood pet store for timing of new product availability.

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