Senior Pet Adoption Story: Sir Fracis Bacon I Stella & Chewy's

Journey Home Fund Adoption Story: Sir Francis Bacon

January 16, 2020

Journey Home Fund: Sir Francis Bacon’s Adoption Story

Stella and Chewy, the inspirations for our brand, were both adopted as adult dogs. This prompted our passion for adult and senior pet adoption and we aim to raise awareness about the joys of older pet adoption through our Journey Home Fund. In November, in honor of National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, Stella & Chewy’s covered more than $80,000 in adoption fees to help 371 adult and senior pets find their forever homes. Nine-year old Sir Francis Bacon was one of these pets! We interviewed his new dog mom, Megan, to share more about the awesomeness of adult and senior pet adoption:

Q: Tell us about yourself!

A: My name is Megan and I’m from Dallas, TX. I’m a mental health counselor, though I still occassionally moonlight as a veterinary technician! I’ve had pets since I was a child and I’ve always been an animal person. All of my dogs have been adopted from shelters or rescues or from individuals needing to rehome their pets. This time, I wanted a dog of a specific size and personality to keep my other senior dog company and live comfortably in a condo, so I researched local rescues.


Q: Where did you adopt Bacon from?

A: DFW Pug Rescue!


Q: Do you know Bacon’s background?

A: No. He was surrendered to a city shelter two hours from Dallas with no reason given by the previous owner.

Q: How did you end up finding and adopting Bacon?

A: I’m friends with a few pug lovers who have adopted from DFW Pug Rescue, so I contacted them. The adoption coordinator was great, asking me several questions about what I was looking for in a new pet and the type of environment he or she would be in. She thought that, based on his foster parents’ descriptions, that he would be a great fit for my family.


Q: What makes Sir Francis Bacon special?

A: He’s a quirky, endearing little guy! He’s sweet, stubborn, and opinionated, and he has the funniest expressions. Most of the time, he’s very quiet, except when I first get home – then I’m treated to pug yowls of delight and full-body wiggles.


Q: How has Bacon settled into your home and become a part of your family?

A: Bacon took a few weeks to really settle in and get comfortable with the humans. He was a little standoffish at first, friendly but not especially interested in us. Understandable, considering the upheaval in his life. He did take to my other dog right away and can usually be found cuddling with him. Now, though, he’s incredibly affectionate and expressive. He perches on top of the couch like a cat when I’m reading, tries to sleep on my pillow, and follows me from room to room. He adjusted very quickly to the routine at home.

Q: What made you decide to adopt an older pet?

A: Puppies are exhausting! Crate training, housebreaking, things chewed up and destroyed around the house… My other dog is 12 and I was concerned that even an adult dog might be too rambunctious for my arthritic old man. Calm, meandering walks a few times a day are more our speed. The idea of giving pills or eye drops to an animal with special needs didn’t bother me. I live in a condo, so having a dog who is a little bit hard of hearing or doesn’t have the best eyesight is honestly a bonus because they’re less reactive and less likely to bark at people walking past.


Q: What advice would you give to others who may be hesitant to adopt an older animal?

A: The number one thing people tell me is, “But you don’t get as much time with them, and you get your heart broken sooner.” For me, it’s the quality of the time. I love being able to offer a comfortable, happy life for an animal who otherwise might not get that chance. Senior pets are mellow, loving, easy, and they seem so genuinely appreciative of the little things in life. Losing them is never easy, but they provide so much joy and sweetness and it helps me appreciate my time with them even more.


Thank you, Megan, for opening your heart and home to a senior pet in need! Learn more about Journey Home Fund here.

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