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Journey Home Fund Adoption Story: Max

February 10, 2020

Journey Home Fund: Max’s Adoption Story

Stella and Chewy, the inspirations for our brand, were both adopted as adult dogs. This prompted our passion for adult and senior pet adoption and we aim to raise awareness about the joys of older pet adoption through our Journey Home Fund. In November 2019, in honor of National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, Stella & Chewy’s covered more than $80,000 in adoption fees to help 371 adult and senior pets find their forever homes. 11-year old Max was one of these pets! His new mom, Jana, is currently a full-time student at Iowa State University majoring in Animal Ecology and we asked her to share more about the awesomeness of older pet adoption:

Q: What is your experience with pets? How did it lead you to adoption?

A: All my life, I have owned pets. [At home] we have four dogs. At school, I have 2 gerbils and have previously owned guinea pigs as well. I have always had a lot of pets.


Q: Do you know Max’s background?

A: I’m not entirely sure but I do know that Max’s previous living situation had a fire and the owners could not take him with to their new home. He was in the shelter for over a year.


Q: Where did you adopt Max from?

A: Max is from Animal Rescue League of Iowa.


Q: How did you end up finding and adopting Max?

A: My roommate and I wanted to foster a cat. We contacted ARL and filled out paperwork. We did not know which cat we would get but luckily we got Max! I tried to find him a proper home but, as time went on, he got more attached (as did I) and I could not let him go!


Q: What makes Max special?

A: So many things! He is missing some teeth so sometimes his lip gets caught on the one tooth he has left. He constantly meows at me and needs attention 24/7. He’s just a goofball.

Q: How has Max settled into your home and become a part of your family?

A: At first, he was really stressed out but after a few weeks he started to come out of his shell more and more every day. Now that I know his likes and dislikes, I can make him as comfortable and happy as possible!


Q: What made you decide to adopt an older pet? 

A: He was [selected for us as] our foster pet but I wouldn’t trade him ever. As time went on, I knew that I couldn’t send him back to the shelter. I had to foster until he was adopted. I did not see that happening and it broke my heart to think old Max would/could die alone at the shelter. It was also an interesting process to figure him out. I have never adopted a senior animal so it was cool to figure out his personality along the way.


Q: What advice would you give to others who may be hesitant to adopt an older animal?

A: Don’t hesitate! I know it’s hard knowing you won’t get as much time with them but think about how different you could make the time for them. It takes patience to gain their trust but in the end it’s worth it!

Thank you, Jana, for opening your heart and home to a senior pet in need! Learn more about Journey Home Fund here.

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