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Introducing Stella’s Selects – New Frozen Options for Cats

April 15, 2019

We’re excited to introduce Stella’s Selects to our cat product family! After hearing a lot of feedback from pet parents, our product development team has been working hard to expand our offerings for cats and have developed a special diet that even the finickiest of felines will crave. Stella’s Selects are premium, frozen raw mini medallions with incredible taste and purrfect texture. This simple, single source animal protein raw diet is high in protein, moisture-rich and significantly preferred by cats.


Recipes include:

Stella’s Selects stick to our “Only the Good Stuff” philosophy with real, shredded muscle meat (chicken breast & chicken thigh or turkey thigh) as the #1 ingredient for their respective recipes. Our cage-free proteins are responsibly sourced, and Stella’s Selects are made right in our Oak Creek, Wisconsin kitchen.

You won’t find any of these items in our Stella’s Selects:

  • No added bone
  • No vegetables
  • No grains or gluten
  • No added hormones or antibiotics


Answers to Common Questions

In launching our Stella’s Selects, we’ve already gotten a few common questions we’ll address below:


Is this product comparable to RadCat?

We have had many cat parents reaching out to us, requesting that we offer a comparable option to RadCat with similar texture and taste. This is a comparable recipe; if your cat loved RadCat, it’s likely that they will love our Stella’s Selects too! Additionally, you can try it out with absolute confidence, thanks to our satisfaction guarantee; if your cat isn’t a fan, you can exchange or return the bag directly to the store it was purchased from.

How do Stella’s Selects differ from existing Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels for cats?

The biggest difference is between our Frozen Raw Morsels and our new Stella’s Selects is the texture. Stella’s Selects are shaped into a mini medallion and have a shredded texture. Stella’s Selects are free of bone and vegetables, while our Frozen Raw Morsels do contain bone. The new Stella’s Select recipes are muscle meat and organs. Frozen Raw Dinner Morsels contain meat, organs and bone, along with a limited amount of vegetables.

Why do you use egg yolk in these recipes?

Egg yolk is added as an excellent natural source of protein and amino acids. We’re proud to release a bone-free option for cats.

Why do you use gelatin in these recipes?

We’ve added gelatin as it’s a great source of essential amino acids. Gelatin is also a proven ingredient to improve digestion and help cats with joint support.

Is this a complete and balanced diet?

Yes, our Stella’s Selects recipes are complete and balanced diets and feeding guidelines can be found on the back of the bag or on our website. Our recipes include added probiotics for healthy digestion and taurine, along with proper levels of vitamins and minerals so you do not need to supplement further.

How do I feed Stella’s Selects?

Measure your cat’s meal portion when frozen according to the feeding guidelines. Do not microwave. Place the next day’s portions in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. Food should remain cold to the touch when served. Some liquid when completely thawed is normal. Always have ample fresh water available at mealtime.

If you do have further questions about Stella’s Selects or any of our other products, please reach out to our customer service team at

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