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Introducing our Human-Grade Wet Food for Dogs: Stella’s Stews and Broth Toppers

June 20, 2018

We’re excited to introduce our Stella’s Stews and broth toppers to our product family! Our Stella’s Stew options are 100% human-grade featuring real chunks of USDA inspected (or similar inspection agencies outside of the USA) muscle meat, organic vegetables and bone broth. These stews are also ideal for those looking for a limited ingredient diet or a way to incorporate wet food into your dog’s diet. Stella’s Stews can be fed as a complete and balanced meal for adult dogs or as a supplemental topper. Just like homemade, our stews and broths are kettle cooked in small batches – this means all ingredients are all added at the same time and slow cooked, allowing the flavors to mix together and create the best tasting stew.

Stella’s Stews

Our single-source animal protein recipes include:

Stella’s Stew – Grass-Fed Beef Recipe
Stella’s Stew – Cage-Free Chicken Recipe
Stella’s Stew – Grass-Fed Lamb Recipe
Stella’s Stew – Cage-Free Turkey Recipe

In addition to the single-source animal protein recipes, there are two Stella’s Stew medleys that combine a special blend of animal proteins.
Stella’s Stew – Red Meat Medley
Stella’s Stew – Cage Free Medley

BPA Free and Recyclable Tetra Pak

Our stews are packed in BPA free tetra pak packaging that we see as a superior solution to the cans used in most wet food. These tetra paks are recyclable in many areas of the country and biodegradeable.

Only the Good Stuff

Stella’s stews stick to our “only the good stuff” philosophy with premium meat as the first ingredient and 100% organic vegetables. We’re also excited to be able to make these stews and broths 100% human grade.

Real Chunks of Meat

Many wet foods use a variety of other ingredients to create meat analog pieces. We don’t do that. We only use real chunks of USDA inspected (or similar inspection agencies outside of the USA) grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, cage-free chicken and cage-free turkey. Less processed and premium meat that makes a difference, even more so when it’s the first ingredient in the recipe.

Benefits of Bone Broth

We’ve also selected to use bone broth over water or a traditional broth or stock. Bone broth is nutrient rich, protein rich, easy to digest and promotes healthy digestion / gut. It’s high in collagen which is great for bone strength and joint health and is known as a strong immune system booster. Last, but not least bone broth brings great flavor that your dog is sure to love!

None of the Bad Stuff

You won’t find any of these items, common to many other wet foods, in our Stews:

  • No gums, no carrageenan
  • No grains or glutens
  • No artificial flavors or natural flavors
  • No artificial colors
  • Pet safe with no garlic or onions

Broth Toppers

Our broth toppers are also 100% human grade, made with four simple ingredients and include premium ingredients like grass-fed beef bone broth and cage-free chicken bone broth. A great bonus to our broths is that we include human grade USDA inspected grass-fed beef or cage-free chicken meat shreds. Dogs love meat and these meat shreds make our broth toppers a unique and valuable addition to mealtime. Our broth toppers are supplemental options that can be added to kibble and other food options to offer a boost of nutrition and taste for dogs to enjoy.

Grass Fed Beef Broth Topper
Cage Free Chicken Broth Topper

Answers to Common Questions

In launching our wet food, we’ve already heard a few common questions we’ll address below.

Why is only this product line human grade? We’re able to make our wet food human grade because it does not include the bones and organs that all of our raw food lines have in them. Bones and certain organs, while incredibly valuable for dogs, are not available human food items. With our prey model diet, we feel bones and organs play a critical role. In designing our stews, it offered a unique opportunity to make something human grade as we are cooking these recipes.

How long will the package last in the refrigerator if I don’t use it all at once? These packages will last 10 days in the refrigerator after opening. Be sure to fold / close the container when storing in the refrigerator. Before opening, these tetra paks can be store in your cupboard.

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