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Introducing our Human-Grade Wet Food for Cats: Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate

March 06, 2019

Hi cat moms and dads! We’ve gotten a lot of feedback asking for more options for our feline fur babies and we have heard you – we’re excited to introduce Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate to our cat product family! Our cat wet food options are 100% human-grade, featuring real chunks of USDA inspected (or similar inspection agencies outside of the USA) muscle meat, nutrient-rich bone broth and organic vegetables. These wet food options are also ideal for those looking for a limited ingredient, single-source protein diet or a way to incorporate wet food into their cat’s current diet. Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate can be fed as a complete and balanced meal for adult and senior cats or as a supplemental topper.

Marvelous Morsels (with chunks of meat and veggies in a bone broth gravy) – Our recipes include:

Marvelous Morsels – Cage-Free Chicken Recipe
Marvelous Morsels – Cage-Free Turkey Recipe
Marvelous Morsels – Chicken & Salmon Medley

Purrfect Pate (a consistent pate format featuring meats and veggies) – Our recipes include:

Purrfect Pate – Cage-Free Chicken Recipe
Purrfect Pate – Cage-Free Turkey Recipe
Purrfect Pate – Chicken & Salmon Medley

BPA Free and Recyclable Tetra Pak

Our cat food is packed in BPA-free Tetra Pak packaging that we see as a superior solution to the cans used in most wet food. These Tetra Paks are recyclable in many areas of the country and are biodegradable.

Only the Good Stuff

Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate stick to our “Only the Good Stuff” philosophy with premium meat (chicken breast and turkey thigh meat) as the first ingredient and 100% organic vegetables. We’re also excited to be able to make these cat wet food recipes 100% human grade. Like all of our other recipes, our Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pates are made in the USA and with no ingredients from China.

Real Chunks of Meat

At Stella & Chewy’s, we only use real chunks of USDA inspected (or similar inspection agencies outside of the USA) cage-free chicken, cage-free turkey and wild-caught salmon. Less processed and premium meat makes a difference, even more so when it’s the first ingredient in the recipe.

Benefits of Bone Broth

We’ve selected to use bone broth over water or a traditional broth or stock as our 2nd ingredient. Bone broth is nutrient-rich, protein-rich, easy to digest and promotes healthy digestion/gut. It’s high in collagen which is great for bone strength and joint health and is known as a strong immune system booster. Last, but not least, bone broth brings great flavor that your cat is sure to love!

None of the Bad Stuff

You won’t find any of these items, common to many other wet foods, in our Marvelous Morsels or Purrfect Pate:

  • No carrageenan
  • No grains, glutens or potatoes

Answers to Common Questions

In launching our wet food, we’ve already heard a few common questions we’ll address below:

Can these products be fed to kittens?

Our Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate wet food are only complete and balanced diets for adult and senior cats. They can be used as a treat for kittens but are not intended to provide a nutritionally balanced meal for kittens.

My cat is very finicky, will they enjoy this?

While every cat is different, our new Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate feed incredibly well and we are confident these new recipes will win over even the pickiest of felines. We also do have our satisfaction guarantee, which makes trying out new recipes easy – if you ever come across a product that your cat doesn’t care for, you can return the product directly to the store from which it was purchased for your money back.

Why is wet food great for cats?

High moisture levels are imperative to the well-being of cats, as a lack of hydration can cause kidney issues, urinary tract disorders, and even diabetes. Cats in the wild rarely drank water but relied on their prey to provide the proper moisture required. Stella & Chewy’s Marvelous Morsels and Purrfect Pate contain 78-82% moisture, so you can feel confident that your cat is staying properly hydrated.

Can this wet food be used as a topper for my cat’s kibble meal?

Yes! Adding our Marvelous Morsels is a perfect way to add more hydration and great taste to your cat’s current kibble diet.

Why is only this product line human-grade?

Bones and certain organs, while incredibly valuable for cats, are not available human food items. With our prey model diet, we feel bones and organs play a critical role. In designing our cat wet food, it offered a unique opportunity to make something human-grade as we are cooking these recipes.

How long will the package last in the refrigerator if I don’t use it all at once?

These packages will last up to 5 days in the refrigerator after opening. Be sure to fold / close the container when storing in the refrigerator. Before opening, these Tetra Paks can be stored at room temperature.

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