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How to Transition Your Cat to Stella and Chewy’s

October 29, 2018

We all want the best for our cats, but it can be difficult to know what is right for them in terms of nutrition. Sometimes the struggle is just to find a food they will eat! A raw diet is beneficial to cats in many ways from improved coat, proper weight maintenance and overall health. We’ll take you through the steps on how to transition your cat to Stella & Chewy’s.


How to Transition Your Cat to Stella & Chewy’s

Whether you’ve just adopted or you are looking to improve your cat’s diet, there are so many reasons to choose Stella and Chewy’s. With best-in-class nutrition and a variety of protein options in both frozen raw and freeze-dried raw formulas, we’re happy to offer cats a premium food where meat is always the number one ingredient. After all cats are obligate carnivores so meat is what they need!

When it comes to transitioning to any food, a slow transition over 7-10 days is recommended. To start, we recommend mixing the new food in with what you’re currently feeding and slowly building up until the new food is the sole food that you’re feeding/that your cat is enjoying. Even if your cat isn’t eating their current diet, it’s important to start off small with new food and introduce it slowly, as sudden changes to diet can cause digestive issues. So, how exactly can you do this?

On days 1-3, it’s recommended to feed 25% new food and 75% old food. This percentage is based off feeding guidelines. Of course, the exact amounts will vary based on the weight of your cat (on the bags of both food, it will show how much food is recommended based on your cat’s weight). On days 4-6, the feeding ratio would bump up to 50% new food and 50% old food. On days 7-9, the ratio would again increase to 75% new food and 25% old food, and finally on day 10, your cat would be fully transitioned to the new food and there would be no need to mix in the old food diet.


Transitioning with the timeline above helps to limit digestive issues that can occur when feeding a new food, such as vomiting and diarrhea. It also allows for your cat to become accustomed to the taste and texture of the new food.

If you would like to keep your cat on their current diet, but supplement some Stella & Chewy’s raw nutrition in, simply remove the portion of current food you’d like to replace with the new food and add that amount back in to the daily feeding amounts.

Cats are notoriously picky eaters, so don’t give up if they refuse the new food the first time you try it. Cats strictly fed kibble or wet food in the past need time to get used to the brand-new smell, flavor and texture of frozen or freeze-dried raw. For freeze-dried formulas, try crumbling the dry morsels and sprinkling them onto the top of the current diet. For both frozen and freeze-dried raw formulas, try hydrating them with both hot and cold water in case there is one temperature your cat might prefer.


The Benefits of Feeding Your Cat A Raw Diet


Cats are obligate carnivores, they require a strictly meat, high-protein diet in order to obtain the proper nutrients needed for survival. All of our frozen raw and freeze-dried raw formulas are grain-free and contain 98% meat, organs and bone, modeled after the prey that cat ancestors ate in the wild.


Raw foods are minimally processed and are able to be more easily and effectively digested. Added probiotics and antioxidants help support a healthy gut, and natural sources of fiber, like raw ground bone and pumpkin seed, are great for sensitive stomachs and hairballs.


High moisture levels are imperative to the well-being of cats, as a lack of hydration can cause kidney issues, urinary tract disorders, and even diabetes. Cats in the wild rarely drank water but relied on their prey to provide the proper moisture required. Stella & Chewy’s raw frozen and freeze-dried cat formulas contain around 70% moisture (when the freeze-dried recipes are rehydrated with cool or warm water).

Picky eaters

Cats are known for being notoriously picky eaters. Our meat-first recipes have the raw flavor that cats crave. You can feel confident in purchasing a bag to try with our money-back guarantee.

Other benefits

A raw diet also supports healthy skin and a shiny coat, along with promoting dental health, stamina and vitality.

All of Stella & Chewy’s raw cat diets are complete and balanced meals, meaning they contain all of the vitamins and minerals, including taurine, that a cat needs (no need to supplement their diet with anything else). Always consult with a veterinarian if you suspect your cat has health issues or to make sure a raw diet is right for them. Make sure fresh, clean water is available at all times.

How to Feed Stella & Chewy’s Cat Recipes

How do I feed Frozen Raw Morsels?

There are a few different ways to prepare our Frozen Raw Morsels, depending on how much time you have. Always start by measuring your cat’s meal portion when frozen according to feeding guidelines on the bag.

  1. Take out the desired amount of frozen morsels and let them thaw on the counter or table for 10-20 minutes at room temperature. Some liquid when completely thawed is normal.
  2. Gently defrost the next day’s portion overnight in the fridge in a covered container, and feed as-is the next day.
  3. If you need to defrost product quickly, you can place the food in a ziplock bag or glass bowl and submerse the product in warm (never hot) water for a few minutes.

Once served, the food can sit out for up to 2 hours – anything left after that should be discarded.

How do I feed Freeze-Dried Raw Morsels?

Our Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels can be fed dry or hydrated in water prior to feeding, we do recommend serving with water as mealtime is a critical time for your cat’s hydration .

  1. Fed hydrated: hydrating is the recommended way to serve our freeze-dried food. Use cool or warm (never hot) water. For every cup of freeze-dried cat food, add half a cup of cool or warm water. Allow food time to hydrate for at least one minute, mix and serve.
  2. Fed dry: If you choose to use the products dry, please be sure your cat is drinking plenty of water at mealtime.

If fed dry, the food can sit out for up to 12 hours prior to discarding.  If fed hydrated, the food can sit out for up to 2 hours.

Our products should not be cooked or heated in a microwave. To maintain the nutritional value, it’s important to keep the food raw and in its natural state. It would be a shame to see you eliminate all the benefits of a raw diet by cooking it before it’s served. Plus, we add raw, ground bone to our food. And while raw bone is incredibly safe and an essential part of a pet’s diet, it becomes become brittle and can splinter when cooked; this poses an unnecessary danger to your animals! Bottom line, please don’t cook up all the goodies that help your pet thrive.

Always have clean, fresh water available at mealtime.

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