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Food Safety Is Always Top of Mind: The Food We Make Is The Food We Feed Our Pets

April 05, 2018

Pet food safety has been in the news a lot lately. For us, it’s always top of mind. The food we make is the food we feed our own pets. We know the importance of the trust you place with us to give your fur baby the best.

Our food safety process starts before food even enters our facility and goes all the way through getting to your home. We start by responsibly sourcing only the best ingredients such as grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, wild caught salmon and organic fruits and vegetables. We never source any ingredients from China.

We then make our raw food in our own USA kitchen allowing us to control every step. We minimally process all of our recipes from frozen to freeze dried to our kibble which is gently baked at 200 degrees whereas most kibble is extruded at 500 degrees. It’s a process that’s equal parts thoughtful and thorough.

Our food undergoes HPP (high pressure processing) which is a critical step to remove any potential harmful bacteria and pathogens. Our patented process is particularly important for raw feeding to best ensure food safety.

Once our food is made and placed into bags, a select number of bags from every LOT is sent out to an independent third party lab for comprehensive testing. We hold all of our food from that LOT until the tests come back showing the food is completely safe. Our test and hold policy provides an additional safety step to ensure that all food leaving our facility is safe.

To offer the ultimate peace of mind and transparency, we place the lab tests for every LOT of our food on our website. Pet parents can use the LOT # on the back of any bag to look up the test results related to that specific batch of food.

Food safety is one of the most challenging aspects of making pet food. It is a challenge we never take lightly, because the responsibility placed in us to keep your pet safe will always be treated with the utmost importance. This whole enterprise started with a dog mom trying to do right by her two dogs, Stella and Chewy. It’s a heritage we’ve never forgotten. We have gone from safely feeding one family of two dogs to safely feeding the dogs and cats of our 200+ employees and all the pet parents who choose to purchase our safe products.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.

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