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14 Amazing Stories of Love

Senior Pet Adoption Stories

At Stella & Chewy's, we are committed to helping overlooked older pets find their forever homes through our Journey Home Fund. In honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November, we sponsored adoption fees for senior cats and dogs adopted from shelters across the US and Canada! We're thrilled to have been able to help over 280 senior cats and dogs find homes for the holidays where they are cherished, spoiled, and adored.

December 16, 2020

At Stella & Chewy’s, we are committed to helping overlooked older pets find their forever homes through our Journey Home Fund. In honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November, we sponsored adoption fees for senior cats and dogs adopted from shelters across the US and Canada! We’re thrilled to have been able to help over 280 senior cats and dogs find homes for the holidays where they are cherished, spoiled, and adored. Here are some of their stories:

“I never had pets of my own growing up although I grew up surrounded by animals! Over the last 8 years, I have lived with senior dogs who belonged to my roommates and developed a huge affection for their gray hair and wise/old souls. I loved being a dog auntie and recently decided to make the transition to mom!! 🙂 Rumi was found in Corpus Christi [Texas] and was likely used strictly for breeding. He was 15lbs under weight and had no muscle mass in his back hips (likely from being caged most of the time). He has made a huge amount of progress in the short time he has been in Austin and I can’t wait to see what he is capable of given the right environment full of good food, exercise, supplements and LOVE! I am a nurse with an oncology clinic in Austin, TX and have recently transitioned to a work from home role which gives me much more time to spend with this 85lb mushy, loving boy! With the fee reimbursement, I hope to be able to continue his therapy and give back to the organization who brought him to me!” – Emily

“Lola was considered to be hard-to-place. She refused to allow anyone to approach her and barked incessantly. She bit anyone who was actually brave enough to pick her up and she was in our home for several days before we were allowed near her. As you can see, she is nothing but love and sweetness now, she just needed to adjust in her own time and in her own way. She is a little gem.” – Lisa

“I have wanted a cat of my own for many years. After years of living with housemates and in non-cat friendly environments, I bought a beautiful cozy houseboat of my own to live on! After a month of looking for a ship’s cat and furry little companion, I found Alfie – a sweet 10-year old man who had been abandoned and deserved to live out the rest of his life in a stable, loving, caring home. I just knew he was the one immediately!” – Kate

“After my beloved dog Butterbean passed away, I knew that when the time was right I would adopt another dog as a companion for my remaining dog, Tiny. He had always had a companion, and at 12 years old, was not used to being an “only dog”. I knew that Tiny preferred small female dogs and would be annoyed by a puppy. I was convinced I needed to find a young adult, 2-5-year old friend for Tiny. And then I saw Gertie’s photo and description. She was adorable and quirky-looking, but more importantly, she was described as “the nicest and sweetest dog” they had ever had at the rescue. I kept going back to look at her pictures and realized that she might be a perfect match for Tiny (and me!). Even though she is a bit more “seasoned” in age than I had been originally looking for, I realized her sweet and gentle temperament, and calm demeanor were more important in finding a companion for Tiny (who is no spring chicken himself!) then the mere number of years we will all have together . Little 6 lb Gertie was found as a stray on the streets of Mississippi, and I will be honored to spoil her and let her live out the rest of her Golden Years in comfort and love.” – Tessa

“I recently had to put my beloved Yorkie down because of kidney failure. I’m 88 years old and live alone and needed a companion. I decided to adopt Susan because she’s a senior like me and we needed each other. I love her very much!” – Grace

“I love senior pets! They have so much love to give and life still left to live, and that was Ralphie. His big brown eyes and sweet disposition pulled me in and I just knew – that’s my dog!” – Riana

“We were Scout’s foster parents and had initially had no plans to add a second dog to our family permanently! But when we brought this little guy home, he just stole our hearts and we knew that we couldn’t let him go! We can’t wait to help him live out his golden years!” – Kyla

“Our cat (who we rescued 19 yrs ago) passed in June. We are seniors and missed the companionship. When we saw Milly, a senior herself, we adopted her. Happy cat, happy us.” – Christine

“I had not planned to adopt so soon after having to put down our family dog of 14.5 years. But then I saw Minnie on PetFinder. She was considered special needs because of a thyroid condition. Well, I am a thyroid cancer survivor and Minnie & I take the same medication! When I read that, I knew she was meant to be with me.” – Nicole

“We have been looking to adopt a dog for a while and when we saw Connery’s photo, we knew that we wanted to adopt him. He is a sweet dog with a lot of attitude. His attitude has even scared away other potential adopters and we were even warned before we started our 7-day trial with him. But, we were determined to give him a loving home and help him grow into the sweet dog that we know he is. We love him and are over the moon that he is now part of our family.” – Lucinda

“My father has had BIG dogs for over thirty years. We lost his last beloved Pyrenees to cancer one year ago this month. We hadn’t planned to adopt another dog as my father is almost 90, but he was just so lonely, especially in these pandemic times. I was cruising on Facebook and a picture came up of this senior dog who needed a new home after being surrendered by his family. This was the perfect solution. We needed him. He needed us. We applied for him. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue knew us as we had adopted from them before. Next thing we knew, we were making arrangements to go pick him up. We brought him home, and he has settled in perfectly with our Corgis and cats and is living the good life with a huge fenced in yard, a fluffy dog bed near the heater vent, and a Grampa who loves him unconditionally.” – Amalia

“We originally went into Homeward Trails shelter in northern Virginia to meet another cat that we saw on their website. The second we met Juniper, we knew that she was the one that was coming home with us. At 7 years old, she had already been a stray and had an owner who had to give her up. Despite her previous experiences, she could not be more loving or playful. She spends her days sitting on her peoples laps and shoulders and never hesitates to show affection. We could not have picked a better addition to our family!” – Megan

“It’s a full circle story! We saw him on the side of the road and picked him up. We kept him for a few days, hoping someone would look for him where we live. No one did, so we took him to a no-kill animal shelter in August 2020. We were keeping up with his story as they would post. My best friend would call the shelter for updates on him too. Then, we found out he was fostered then adopted. But, 2 weeks ago, we saw that he was back at the shelter. I couldn’t believe it! My daughter and I spoke about getting him and I couldn’t bear the thought of him being there again. So, I did what we felt led to do! I went to visit him there and then I fell madly in love with Grandpa Joe. We adopted him and he is now our furbaby for life! Thank God we have him! We are complete!” – Francesca

“Jett was found as a stray in South Carolina and brought to York County Animal Shelter. I fell in love with him through the videos they had shared and adopted him through KC Bully Rescue in Vermont. After a long transport, he is all settled in with me, his 2 new human sisters and his 5-year old dog sister, Tessa, in Northern NH and is already rocking the daily hikes with us! He is amazing! I wish I could upload here so many photos of him loving life again! Senior dogs are awesome!” – Casey

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