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Introducing Hemp Oil Supplement Chews

Our supplemental chews are crafted by experts and veterinarians with just the right ingredients for safe, overall calming or hip & joint support.

Stella & Chewy’s is excited to introduce Hemp Oil Supplement Chews to our product family. Our supplemental chews are crafted by experts and veterinarians with just the right ingredients for safe, overall calming or hip & joint support. We are committed to providing best-in-class solutions for pet parents that help pets thrive.


Hip & Joint

A proprietary blend of meaningful ingredients, including broad spectrum hemp, organic turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin, to help support hip & joint function.


A proprietary blend of meaningful ingredients, like broad spectrum hemp, organic chamomile powder and organic passion flower, to reduce stress and anxiety.

Product Features

100% THC-free

Made with the safest, all-natural ingredients

Beef liver (responsibly sourced from the USA) is the #1 ingredient

Broad spectrum hemp oil

Water soluble

Independently 3rd party tested for safety and potency

Soft chews – great for seniors or those missing teeth


Where can I buy this product?

Stella & Chewy’s Hemp Oil Supplement Chews are exclusive to neighborhood pet stores in all US states except HI, IA, ID, MS, NE, NV or SD (or where currently not permitted). Not available in Canada. Not available online. Find a retailer near you here. We recommend contacting your local retailer for exact timing of product availability or asking if the store manager can special order the product.

How do I use this product?

This product is for adult dogs only.  For best results, give 1 soft chew per 30lbs of body weight twice daily. For best performance, use consistently for 6-8 weeks. Give with food for better absorption. For smaller dogs, soft chews can be easily broken or cut into smaller pieces.

Can this product be used for cats too?

Our Hemp Oil Supplement Chews were specifically crafted for dogs, but do not contain any harmful ingredients for cats. We do recommend consulting with your veterinarian first for the appropriate dosage of these chews if you choose to use them for your cat.

What are the benefits of hemp oil for pets and is it safe?

According to Dr. Carrie Donahue, “The benefits of Stella & Chewy’s Hemp Oil Supplement Chews for pets are incredible. They provide a natural way for pet parents to safely support their companion animals. Hemp oil is a safe, natural way to provide relief from anxiety and stress, as well as discomfort associated with joint inflammation.”

What kind of safety measures does the product undergo?

Each batch is tested by accredited third party labs to assure it meets our microbiological standards and to verify that there is no THC present. Both the incoming full spectrum hemp material and final products are tested to ensure product purity, potency, and safety.  We guarantee that there are no detectable solvents, no heavy metals, and no pesticides present in Stella & Chewy’s Hemp Oil Supplement Chews.

How long will one bag of Hemp Oil Supplement Chews last?

Each bag contains approximately 50 soft chews.

What is the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp oil?

The main difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum hemp oil is the content of THC in the hemp oil.  Broad spectrum, which is what we use, is THC free, meaning it contains 0% THC.  Full spectrum contains a level of > 0.3% THC.

What are the benefits of broad spectrum hemp oil?

Broad spectrum hemp oil eliminates any undesirable compounds and encourages effects without THC. The combination of several compounds, Cannabinoids and Terpenes, in broad spectrum hemp oil work together to provide healing attributes greater than that of a single compound.

What are the benefits of hemp oil being water soluble?

Stella & Chewy’s has added an extra manufacturing step which takes the hemp oil and uses a process to break down the oil into smaller droplets, which, therefore disperse more efficiently for maximum bioavailability and absorption.

Dr. Carrie Donahue

About the Author

An alum from the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Carrie Donahue founded and has owned Full Circle Holistic Veterinary Care since 2012. She practices integrative medicine, combining conventional and alternative veterinary care, and is an advocate for a more natural approach to wellness for our animal companions. She currently lives in Madison, WI with a 2-year old rescued chihuahua and two cats.

Further questions? Reach out to our customer service team at info@stellaandchewys.com or 888-477-8977.


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