Introducing Stella's Essentials - Grain-Free & Wholesome Grain Solutions

Introducing Stella’s Essentials – Grain-Free & Wholesome Grain Solutions

July 15, 2019

We’re excited to introduce Stella’s Essentials Grain-Free and Stella’s Essentials Wholesome Grains to our dog product family! While our existing Raw Coated Baked Kibble and Baked Raw Blend Kibble continue to delight pets and pet parents, our new Stella’s Essentials allows us to expand our line-up and offer a best-in-class nutrition solution for pet parents seeking to benefit from feeding a premium natural diet. Stella’s Essentials recipes are protein-rich, nutrient-dense and packed with the finest natural ingredients to support whole body health.

Recipes include:


Product Benefits

Our new Stella’s Essentials kibble options for dogs stick to our “Only the Good Stuff” philosophy with responsibly sourced proteins and meat always as the #1 ingredient. Our new complete and balanced recipes are rich in organ meat for great nutrition and deliver high levels of Omega Fatty Acids to support healthy skin and coat. In addition, all diets guarantee a taurine level of 0.20% and high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to promote hip and joint function. As always, our diets are purposeful, and we are very deliberate on which ingredients we use, as well as don’t use. These diets are free of corn, wheat, and soy protein. We never add any artificial preservatives, colorings, or animal by-product meals. Stella’s Essentials are made in the USA and never include any ingredients from China.

Answers to Common Questions

In launching our Stella’s Essentials for dogs, we’ve already gotten a few common questions we’ll address below:

How are Stella’s Essentials different than your Raw Coated Kibble?

Our baked Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibble products continue to be the pinnacle of our kibble nutrition, as these diets, unlike most other kibble, are gently oven baked and coated in our freeze-dried raw recipe. Our new Stella’s Essentials line-up offers similar quality and nutrition but is not baked or coated in raw to serve as an option for pet parents not yet ready to or comfortable with including raw in the diet.

Is grain-free bad?

Stella & Chewy’s remains confident in the quality and safety of our grain-free diets and ingredients. The FDA has shared in their Q&As that, “At this time, it is not clear what it is about these diets that may be connected to DCM in dogs. There are multiple possible causes of DCM. Taurine deficiency is well-documented as a potential cause of DCM, but it is not the only cause of DCM. Nutritional makeup of the main ingredients or how dogs process them, main ingredient sourcing, processing, amount used, or other factors could be involved.” Find more information here.

Why are you offering more kibble?

Raw diets remain the foundation of our business. However, not all pet parents are comfortable with or able to afford an exclusively raw diet. We believe all pet parents deserve access to best-in-class nutrition, regardless of their needs or budgets. Stella & Chewy’s is proud to offer a more nutritious alternative to traditional kibble on the market. Our Stella’s Essentials kibble line is the most economical option across our product families.

Aren’t meal ingredients a by-product?

Meat always remains the first ingredient in the kibble recipe, but we use meal ingredients (ex. Chicken meal) as it’s a great source of concentrated protein and nutrients. Our meal ingredients are high quality and come from responsible partners. We do not use by-products (feathers, heads, etc.) The meat (clean flesh, skin, possible bone) is cooked, ground and dried to a moisture level below 10%. This allows for concentrated protein which is so important for superior animal nutrition.

Why did you create a kibble with grains?

We believe it is our responsibility to hear and consider our community’s needs and provide an array of solutions that best meet the needs of pet parents. We have created our Wholesome Grains recipes to meet the large demand from pet parents for a grain-inclusive option. These Wholesome Grains recipes include barley, oatmeal, brown rice, millet and quinoa.

Is this a complete and balanced diet?

Yes, our Stella’s Essentials diets are complete and balanced per AAFCO for All Life Stages with the exception of the growth of large breed dogs.

Where can I buy Stella’s Essentials?

All of our kibble lines, including new Stella’s Essentials, are exclusive to neighborhood pet stores. Find a retailer near you here.

How do I transition my dog onto Stella’s Essentials?

When it comes to transitioning to any food, a slow transition over 7-10 days is recommended. To start, we recommend mixing the new food in with what you’re currently feeding and slowly building up until the new food is the sole food that you’re feeding/that your dog is enjoying. Even if your dog isn’t eating their current diet, it’s important to start off small with new food and introduce it slowly, as sudden changes to diet can cause digestive issues. Find more information here.

Want to know something else? Please reach out to our customer service team at or 888-477-8977.

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