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Can Dogs Have Chicken Broth?

There’s nothing more comforting than a hot bowl of soup when the temperatures drop. And as you want to better provide for your pet in the colder months, you start to think about incorporating warmer foods into their diet. A great addition to consider is chicken broth. Not only can dogs have chicken broth, it is great for their overall health as well.With the right products, like our Bountiful Bone Broth and Broth Toppers, you can warm up with your pet this winter and feel good about doing so.

Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Broth

If you’re considering adding broth to your dog’s diet, we’re here to share the top reasons for why you should. From digestibility to hydration and even collagen, the benefits of feeding your dog bone broth include:

  • A high source of protein.
  • An easily-digestible solution.
  • Gut health promotion.
  • Contains collagen for joint support.
  • Provides moisture for adequate hydration.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • Includes anti-inflammatory properties.

Now that you know why it’s an added perk to feed your dog broth, it’s time to choose the right, and safest, option for your specific pet.

Choosing a Safe Broth

Not all broths, unless specified to be pet-safe, are actually safe for your pet to consume. If you go with a broth that isn’t tailored towards dogs, then you’ll want to consider the following before you buy:

  • Avoid broths that contain high levels of sodium.
  • Don’t feed your dog a broth that includes onions or garlic.
  • Be on the lookout for artificial ingredients, like colors or flavors, as you’ll want to keep those at bay.
  • Ensure the broth doesn’t have bones or bone splinters that your dog could accidentally ingest.

If you want the security of knowing that the broth you’re feeding your dog is safe for them to consume, then we recommend trying our Bountiful Bone Broth or Broth Toppers. Both of these products come in a variety of flavors, are slowly simmered in small batches to maintain the highest quality, and are 100% pet safe. And, best of all, our broths can be used in many different ways.

How to Use Broth for Your Dog

Who knew that bone broth would be so versible for your pet? Well, it is, and we have a variety of ways in which you can take full advantage of using broth for your dog.

  • Serve it as a treat after a meal or to reward good behavior. Not all treats need to be chewable!
  • Pour the broth over food at mealtimes to increase moisture and add nutrients. This addition can also help entice picky eaters.
  • Feed your dog broth if it’s sick because it can be an essential meal that’s easy to digest and packed with vitamins and nutrients for a speedy recovery.
  • Freeze the broth in ice cube trays and use the cubes as a way to cool your dogs down if they get too hot.
  • Add broth to food to soften it for dogs that have dental issues or concerns.
  • Use it to rehydrate your favorite freeze-dried raw food or treats.

Stella & Chewy’s Pet-Safe Broth

From our Cage-Free Chicken Recipe Bountiful Bone Broth to our Grass-Fed Beef Broth Topper and more, you can trust that our options are delicious and nutritious ways to start incorporating bone broth into your dog’s diet. To find a product near you, use our Store Locator. We hope that you, and your pet, love the endless ways of utilizing this pet-safe product!