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Adoptable Senior Pets

November 06, 2019

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month – a special month for all of us at Stella and Chewy’s as our Journey Home Fund aims to raise awareness about the awesomeness of older pet adoption year-round. In celebration, we are covering the cost of adoption fees for cats and dogs, ages 4+, adopted between November 1, 2019 and November 20, 2019, from any 501(c)3 shelter or rescue across the US (terms & conditions do apply). Learn more here. As part of our effort to support adult and senior rescues, we are taking the month of November to feature adoptable senior cats and dogs from our Journey Home Fund Partners that are looking for their forever homes.

Update on 11/21/19 – We’re so excited to share that we’ve worked together to help 371 adult and senior pets find their forever homes this month. ❤️🐱🐶 We committed to reimbursing $25,000 in adoption fees and have gone above and beyond by covering over $80,000 in fees. While we are no longer reimbursing adoption fees, the impact will live on with the older pets who now have a loving home. We thank you for your interest, and we will continue to raise awareness for adult and senior pet adoption all year round through our Journey Home Fund. We hope you’ll continue to be as inspired by adult and senior pet adoption as we are!


Furever Buddys Dog Rescue is located in Roosevelt, UT and saves hundreds of lives each year. They are dedicated to treating each rescued animal with the utmost care and attention in order to get them ready to find their forever home. Meet one of their adoptable senior dogs:



GeeGee is a chihuahua mix believed to be around 8 years old. She is an absolute sweetheart who wants to be next to you and does well with other dogs.

Learn more about GeeGee from Furever Buddys Dog Rescue!


Long Way Home Adoptables is a foster-based rescue out of Texas that works to save animals regardless of age, health or species. They also adopt to homes across the U.S.! Meet some of their adoptable dogs:


Divinity (aka Vinnie)

Vinnie is a wonderful boy who is great with cats, dogs, kids and is even crate trained! He is always eager to please, is very affectionate and is an absolute snugglebug.

If you need a 4.8lb companion like Vinnie in your life, contact Long Way Home Adoptables!



Maude is a sweet older lady who just wants to spend the rest of her days being your forever couch warmer and snuggle buddy! She really just wants your attention and love. Maude would be living her best life if all she had to do from now on out was take naps, get belly rubs and eat all the snacks with you, being your fellow couch potato. While she lost 1 eye to her traumatic past, it doesn’t slow her down one bit!

Is Maude the perfect fit for your family? Contact Long Way Home Adoptables today!



Juniper is an older poodle looking for a home to spend her golden years in. She is the perfect size (around 8 pounds) and does great with other dogs. She has yet to meet a person that she doesn’t like and will want to be near you, especially if you have some soft snacks for her to munch on. Juniper has limited vision and will do best in a well-lit environment. Even with limited vision, she quickly learned her way around the yard and house at her foster home and she will happily greet you when you call her name.

Fall in love with Juniper and learn more by contacting Long Way Home Adoptables!


Second Chance Rescue NYC‘s mission is to reduce animal overpopulation in shelters, and to rescue and rehabilitate critically injured and neglected animals. Here are some of their senior dogs looking for their forever homes:



Petunias come in an almost unlimited assortment of colors shapes and sizes… This Petunia comes in the form of a treasure of a dog. She around 8-9 years old, weighs about 70 pounds and is extremely loving and eager to be with her people.

Want to learn more about Petunia? Contact Second Chance Rescue NYC!



Bodie is a calm, mellow, senior fellow looking for a soft spot to live out his golden years. Bodie is about 12 years old. He is dog friendly and great with all people.

Apply to adopt this perfect senior guy today with Second Chance Rescue NYC!



Margie was rescued after siting in a shelter for over a year and is enjoying her golden years in the comfort of a foster home. All she needs now is a permanent family to call her own! Margie is great with other dogs and all people.

Find out more about Margie by contacting Second Chance Rescue NYC!



Rubie’s name suits her perfectly because she is truly a gem! She is one of the sweetest dogs around and, at only 40lbs, she’s a great little size. Rubie is about 10 years old and is hoping to find a home where she is someone’s one and only.

Apply to adopt Rubie today from Second Chance Rescue NYC!


Lulu’s Locker Rescue is a nonprofit, companion animal rescue in the Chicagoland area working to bring to light the plight of black cats and dogs and senior/hospice animals in shelters as well as the misconceptions surrounding FIV cats. Here are some of their senior cats and dogs looking for their forever homes:



Like Frank Sinatra who had all the ladies swooning with just one glance, Pennington has the most soulful eyes that will melt your heart. He’s a very calm, easy-going guy who loves lounging on the couch. Penn also enjoys an occasional game of fetch and also has the fastest, happiest tail in the land.

Adopt Pennington today! Contact Lulu’s Locker Rescue to learn more.



Canelo is 10 years young and when he first went to his foster home, he did not know the joy of snuggling on the couch. That all changed soon! He is now a paws up, binge TV watcher with his favorite person. His favorite thing to do (besides be with his human) is to be outside and go for walks. He would love a home where he could spend a lot of his time on his person’s lap being petted. He is a loyal and loving companion who doesn’t mind being carried like a baby once he knows you.

Contact Lulu’s Locker Rescue for more information about Canelo!



Barry is a 15-year old terrier mix. He is very independent and is happy just chilling on his bed, but greets everyone, wanting love and rubs. His foster mom describes him as a lovebug, a sweetheart, and fine around other dogs. This old man would just love a cozy dog bed he can curl up on to live out the rest of his years.

Contact Lulu’s Locker Rescue for more information about Barry!



Nylah is a plus sized girl who gives off the smallest meow when she wants her food or some attention. Nylah is polydactyl and it is so cute to watch her walk with her mitten like paws. Nylah would fit into most any household. She is a laid back lady with excellent litter box habits and a lot of love to give.

Visit Nylah at Lulu’s Locker Rescue’s Adoption Center today!



Paddy is a laid back, independent dude that needs time to adjust to new environments because he is blind. His two favorite activities are to snuggle on your lap and lounge in the sun. He likes baths and loves to help assist in the kitchen when meals are being made. Paddy does get his exercise by zooming around at night for a few minutes, and also gets happy feet when he hears his foster parents’ voices.

Contact Lulu’s Locker Rescue to learn more about Paddy!


Maggie & Geanie

Maggie and Geanie are both easy-going dogs with simple needs. They have been together their whole lives and would love to find their forever home together! Maggie is the younger of the two, so she is a little bit more energetic. Maggie enjoys a good car ride and likes to stand up and put her nose out the window to take in all the smells. Maggie will occasionally pick up a toy to play with…but we mean occasionally. You’re more likely to see her lounging in the sun soaking up the heat.

Learn more about Maggie & Geanie by contacting Lulu’s Locker Rescue!



Adorable Wally is the sweetest little senior, weighing in at just under 5lbs. Melting hearts wherever he goes, he’s looking for his forever home to enjoy his golden years. Wally loves cuddling and receiving pets from his person and currently enjoys living in a foster home with other senior dogs. This special boy LOVES to go on walks and shows his excitement by twirling in circles. Once he comes out of his shell, he enjoys playing with his humans and will even tap dance for you!

Contact Lulu’s Locker Rescue for more information on Wally!


Ben & Jerry

Ben and Jerry are handsome, gentle, 11-year old boys looking for a home together. They had to be named after ice cream because they are so sweet and everyone loves them! They can both be a little shy when meeting new people but are full of purrs and headbutts once they get to know you. Ben and Jerry will make loving, calm companions for anyone lucky enough to adopt the pair. They get along great and would love to help you watch your next Netflix binge.

Find out more about Ben & Jerry by contacting Lulu’s Locker Rescue!



Cass is a laid-back 8-year old girl looking for a foster home or forever home near Tinley Park, IL. She has some ongoing medical issues that are being address and she needs a place to heal. All of Cass’s medical expenses are being covered by the rescue. She is very sweet, loves toys and learns routines quickly.

Learn more about how you can foster or adopt Cass by contacting Lulu’s Locker Rescue!


Elmbrook Humane Society is a nonprofit animal shelter located in Brookfield, Wisconsin that helps find permanent homes for stray, homeless and deserted animals from all over the state. Here is one of their senior cats looking for their forever home:



Kirara is a super sweet, relaxed cat who’s ready to find her forever home! She loves to chat and let you know how things are going. She also loves having her face rubbed and enjoys her person’s company. She will let you know if she is missing you with her cute meow and when she is able to see you again, she will be the happiest girl around. Along with loving being around people, she enjoys playing with her laser light toys and glitter balls.

Meet Kirara at Elmbrook Humane Society today!


Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit is a non-profit in Michigan that provides loving care and sanctuary to animals, along with encouraging adoptions and reunions and promoting respect, responsibility and compassion for all animals. Here is one of their very special senior dogs looking for their forever home:



Meet very sweet, handsome boy Lux. He’s a distinguished gentleman at 7 years old and weighs 63 lbs. He’s a very sweet dog who would make a great family pet in any loving home. He’s a calm and gentle guy who likes snuggling but he’s also an independent man who simply enjoys being in good company. He escaped Hurricane Dorian in Florida and is now ready to steal your heart and find a home of his own again.

Fall in love with Lux at Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit today!


The Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha (HAWS) is an open admission animal shelter and full service humane society in Waukesha, WI that assists 8,000 animals and welcomes more than 35,000 human visitors each year. Here are some of their awesome senior cats and dogs looking for their forever homes:



This purrfect senior girl is 12 years old and hoping to find the perfect family of her own to live out her golden years with!

Monkey is waiting to meet you at HAWS!



Tuti is a gentle and sweet 14-year old cat. She loves people and her favorite activity is lap sitting accompanied by purring. She would love to spend her golden years in a family setting where she can make your family complete.

Learn more about Tuti by contacting HAWS!



This adorable, 12-year old kitty got her name because she likes to “bump” her head against yours and nuzzle your face. Bumper is a friendly cat lookin for a quiet home that can offer her LOTS of attention!

Meet Bumper at HAWS today!



With this cat, age is just a number. Riley is a senior cat at 11 years old, but she knows that inside she is still a kitten! Riley is a gorgeous girl with a winning personality. She responds well to quiet talking and gentle petting.

Stop by HAWS to meet Riley today!



Baby is a petite 13-year old who has been at the shelter looking for her forever home since July. She is front paw declawed and will make the perfect companion for one very special person.

Stop by and visit Baby at HAWS!


Don’t forget, if you adopt an adult or senior cat or dog (age 4+) from ANY shelter or rescue across the USA between November 1, 2019 and November 30, 2019, we’ll cover your adoption fee!*

* Terms & Conditions do apply

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