Accessibility Statement

We aim to provide a positive user experience for all pet parents. 

Accessibility Contact: 

If you are having any difficulty navigating our website or you want to provide feedback about its accessibility, please call us 888-477-8977 ext. 100 or email us at  We want to hear from you.

Accessibility Statement

Stella & Chewy’s, LLC is strongly committed to providing access to the information on our site for all individuals, including those with disabilities and special needs. We want everyone who visits the Stella & Chewy’s website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding. For the best user experience, please use the latest version of a web browser and assistive technology.

A note on third party content: 

On our website, we link to third party sites (such as YouTube, Facebook and Google) and may also include or embed third party content to share information and promotional content (such as products, coupons, et cetera).  We cannot control or correct problems with these third party sites, but please let us know if you encounter difficulty with the sites we link to so we can pass the information along to the owners of those websites. You may also want to address your concerns directly to these third parties.

Below are the publicly available Accessibility Policies of the third party sites we may use:

·         Facebook: Click here for Facebook Help Center regarding accessibility

·         Google: Click here for Google’s statement on accessibility

·         YouTube: Click here for information on using YouTube with a screen reader