At 13 years old, my Lab/Shepherd mix, Sadie was diagnosed with renal disease. Her vet virtually gave her a death sentence. We were told to put her on a low protein diet of kibble. We were also told her appetite would lessen eventually and her condition would worsen and she would die of renal failure.

After doing research on this condition, we decided to take a different approach and started her on a RAW diet of Stella and Chewy's. We also gave her Standard Process supplements and within 6 months her blood levels started going down towards the normal range. One year later, her levels were back into the normal range.

Today at 15 years old, her blood levels are still in the normal range. She is doing great and still loves to eat.

Thank you Stella and Chewy's for making a great alternative to the traditional dog food and we thank you for the additional time we've had with our beloved dog.

- Sandie & Sadie

I have a little mixed breed dog that is now 12 years old. She has never cared about food and some days wouldn't eat at all. She was healthy and has a beautiful coat, good muscle tone, just not a big eater. Every day it was a struggle to get her to eat something. Then at one of the greyhound events we attended at Mountain Hounds, Stella and Chewy's had donated samples of your freeze dried dinners. Our Maggie-Mae LOVED it. You have made feeding time so much easier in our house! The greyhounds would always stare at Maggie after they finished their meal as if she was crazy for not eating. Now she sometimes finishes before they do!

Thank you! Without that donation to the event I wouldn't have found something Maggie loves.....Stella and Chewy's!!

- Lynda & Maggie-Mae

About a year ago, I decided to make the switch from canned cat food to Stella and Chewy's. My twelve year-old cat Miles was struggling with constipation issues, and despite being on medications to help regulate his issues, he was still struggling. At the recommendation of my veterinarian, I bought a sample of the Yummy Lickin' Salmon & Chicken, and Miles ate it up and licked the bowl! I even found that I could crush up the food and add some extra water for him to drink, and believe me, this has made a huge difference in his digestive issues! Now, he is only on one medication instead of three. He still loves his Stella and Chewy's, and I will remain a loyal customer. Even though it costs a little more than the food I was feeding Miles before, I believe it has saved me hundreds--if not thousands--of dollars in pet meds and veterinarian appointments.

The best part of this story, aside from Miles's health improvements, is that when I mentioned to the vet that I had switched Miles over to Stella and Chewy's, he was thrilled. He loves the product, too. In fact, he knows you and was your pets vet at one time--Dr. Schwartz at the Overland Veterinary Clinic. He speaks so highly of you and Stella and Chewy's, and since he is the best veterinarian I've ever known, I am so glad that he suggested and supports your wonderful products.

I will continue to recommend your products to all my friends! 

- Julie & Miles

My puppy has been on your dog food since I got her at 4 weeks old. It's amazing how much she loves it. People would stop me every day to tell me they could tell how healthy my dog was, no lie!

I recently moved to the states and my dog's allergies went nuts. The vet thought she may have been having a symptom that appeared to be allergies but was actually linked to too much protein from an early age.

I followed his insutructions and tried Science Diet, 2 different types. Mia got so sick, she was miserable! She was covered in hives and losing her hair. All her skin was red and she spent her days chewing her paws, scratching around, or begging me to pet her.

I got Stella & Chewy's and put her back on it. 2 days later, she's like herself again. Her fur looks healthy and her hives went away and her bald spots are aready filling in. She's happy and wanting to play. Her skin is a regular color. The best part is she keeps her eye on the bag to make sure it's still there. Any time she walks by she gets close and smells it real quick and then runs off all happy. She's been being extra cute and making sure she's being real good. It's precious. Mia had made her choice!

I don't know WHAT yall are doing over there but I just need to say THANK YOU!! It's so right!

- Keri & Mia

I just wanted to share with you our first experience in trying Stella and Chewy’s. Our therapy dog was recently diagnosed with cancer so I had to try to find something he highly desired to eat since wasn’t eating much. I was desperate. He wouldn’t even eat homemade meals. I went to our local pet store and a girl recommended Stella and Chewy’s. As soon as I saw it was all natural, organic and from WI (I’m a fellow Wisconsinite), I bought our first bag of the freeze-dried venison. I was desperate and willing to do whatever I could to get my best friend to eat. Needless to say, he loved it! I laughed at him and was so ecstatic that he chose to eat again I didn’t even care that he made a mess or ate the whole thing. I’m going back today to buy another bag!

In case you’re interested in hearing more about our dog, Stetson, I’ve placed a link to a magazine article that he was featured in. He’s a bit of a local hero in the Twin Cities metro area, continuing to inspire others with his therapy work. This article was written before he came out of remission this Fall. His lymphoma is back and we are trying to achieve a 2nd remission but so far haven’t been successful. I’m so thankful that we found Stella and Chewy’s food. It is a fabulous pet food and because of your products, I can enjoy more time with my best friend!!! http://slpmag.com/article/caring-canine-program/st-louis-park-therapy-dog-wins-his-own-cancer-battle

- Joe & Charney

I have an 8 year old boxer who is allergic to everything. When I mean everything, I mean he has both environmental and food allergies. To top it off, he is the pickiest eater on the planet.

My dog has been under the weather and I saw your product on the shelf of my pet store and wanted to try it.
Your packaging caught my eye when I saw the American flag on the bag! and it stated no added hormones or antibiotics, no grains, and glutens. I thought hey, this might be something Dex would like! I hoped with crossed fingers and toes your Super Beef dinner discs would make his tail wag.

A month ago Dexter scratched his cornea and was in a lot of pain. For the last few weeks, getting Dex to eat anything has been a challenge. When I came home I opened the bag asap and gave one to the dog. HE ATE IT!! I gave him a few more and he gobbled them up. My little Frenchie loved them too. So did my 19 year old cat.

Thank God I came across your product the other day and picked up a bag, because that is all I was able to get into him. He has not had any allergy symptoms from them either.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting all the hard work! time and effort into getting your product line on the shelf.

- Jayne, Dexter, Bruin & Harley

I don't recall ever writing to a company because I was so impressed with their product, until now. No other company has affected the well-being of my daughter with 4 legs-Winnie.

Winnie was a surprise Christmas present almost 8 years ago, after the loss of my brother to lung cancer.
She has been such a perfect fit into my life, I'm certain he helped select her just for me.

Approximately 4 years ago, Winnie became very ill & was diagnosed with "Thrombocytopenia", an auto-immune disease which can be fatal. Fortunately, with lots of love & medication she survived, although she continued to have a sensitive stomach.

Shortly before Christmas of last year she began vomiting repeatedly and I discovered her platelets had again dropped dangerously low, was suffering from pancreatitus and also diagnosed with diabetes.

She has been slowly recovering, and I made the decision 3 months I wanted to feed her the highest quality food I could buy and began researching the foods available (did I mention she's a very "pickey" eater and a little spoiled?)

The difference I have seen in her in this short amount of time has been amazing!! That "sparkle in her eyes is back!! On our walks she again picks up leaves & twigs and throws them in the air playfully, which she hadn't done since her illness. Her once beautiful coat is shiny again, she receives many compliments on it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my baby back!!!

- Shelley & Winnie

My golden retriever, Patrick, has been eating your food since he arrived home at 8 weeks. He's 2 yrs. old now. Last month when I took Patrick to my new vet Dr. Royal (in Chicago) she highly suggested I write you and even use her name. Apparently, Dr. Royal was most impressed by Patrick's health and good looks!

- Katherine & Patrick

Thank you so much for all the effort you've put into developing your line of freeze-dried cat food!! Petunia, my 15 year old Siamese, has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to her tonsils. The range of food she can eat is very narrow. I tried virtually every commercial food and available in specialty shops, the veterinarian's office and grocery stores. I tried baby food and treats to stimulate her appetite. I puréed her canned food in a food processor, diced it, warmed it on the stove, added cream sauce, chicken liver, eggs, cheese,etc. She refused about 95% of the food I gave her. I was at my wit's end until I took Petunia to a holistic vet who gave me a list of foods to try. Out of all these things, I found only one brand of pet food that Petunia would eat consistently: Stella & Chewy's Duck, Duck Goose and Tummy Ticklin' Turkey. Unlike other foods, Stella & Chewy's allows me to custom create meals for Petunia by varying the amount of water added until the consistency is just right for her. I have been able to keep her weight relatively stable thanks to your products, which I believe are helping to not only improve her quality of life, but also to extend her life as well. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you've done to help improve nutrition for cats who are ill and not easy to feed!

- Anne & Petunia

Siamese mix Sebastian is addicted to Stella and Chewy's....

He has stolen packages from shopping bags when I bring them home, running off to tear through the packing and enjoy his private stash under a bed.

He has a little dance he does when we pull the bags out of the pantry - up on his back paws and everything. And since he's part Siamese he sings to us too. He launches himself up on the shelves to try and find the bag for himself if we aren't fast enough to get it out.

He likes to hunt the nuggets. When I'm preparing their supper I have to put a couple nuggets around somewhere for Sebbie to hunt. He thinks he's being sneaky, he'll come up and "find" the nugget, pick it up oh so carefully and carry it off, eat it and come back for another one.

All the cats look amazing and are so healthy. One of them had IBS and I feared feeding him a "bone in" product but I believe S&C's has actually helped heal his system, he has had no problems with his digestion. The senior cat I adopted with itchy skin and a terrible coat now has the most luxurious fur out of all of them. Stella and Chewy's is a vital part of the food rotation in my house!

- HollyAnne & Sebastian

I just wanted to tell you how huge a fan I am of Stella & Chewy's. We've tried I'm pretty sure every food on the market, and S&C's is the only one that we have stuck with (for over 2 years now). We took our dog, Gus home at 8 weeks old, and that's when his hunger strike started. He literally refused to eat anything that was put in front of him. The vet basically had to force feed him high-calorie food because he would turn up his little adorable but stubborn nose at every single brand we brought home. One day (because it was on sale) we bought a bag of S&C's and Gus licked the bowl clean. Gus, my boyfriend and I have become ravenous devotees ever since.

There have been a couple of days when we've run out and had to give him 'backup' food and he turns sluggish and has digestive trouble. The minute we put him back on S&C's, his trouble vanishes.

- Allison & Gus

I wanted to reach out and say thank you.

When our 11 ½ year old, 125lb, female Akita (Kreelyn) died about three months ago, our 9 year old American Dingo (Bacia – pronounced Ba-sha) went into mourning. She wouldn’t eat and became lethargic.

I took her on more walks and we tried to give her even more love. Still no eating.

Since Bacia had been eating Hills Science, and a friend now recommended healthier, no grain foods, I skipped PetSmart and I took her to a pet store in Crofton, MD, called Crunchies.
The wonderful folks at Crunchies brought sample after sample of dry dog food, and she ignored each pile that they made. Prior to Kreelyn passing away, Bacia would have scarfed up every morsel.

Then they brought out samples of Stella and Chewy’s Super Beef Dinner. SHE LOVED THEM. It was like a switch had been flipped!!

- Lori & Bacia

I am writing this email to give you my praise. I have a three-year-old 8 lb shi-poo named Sophie. Sophie is a very finicky dog and rarely eats any kind of dog treats. I have tried many over-the-counter dog treats but have yet to find one that Sophie likes until now. I was shopping in my local pet store for a new leash and one of the employees offered Sophie a tree which so happens to be Stella's super beef dinner. I told the lady that Sophie may not eat it because she's never found a tree that she likes. To my surprise she gobbled it up right away! I was so impressed that I immediately went to the aisle and purchased a bag.

I want to thank you because now my little girl has a treat that I feel good about giving to her. It's a wholesome and healthy and made with love!

- Simone & Sophie

Speaking, for my baby girl Fawn aka Fonzi. She enjoys your very delicious Duck, Duck Goose every meal...as if it were the very first time eating it! Fonzi is an amazing little girl with the spirit and heart of a lion, the happy go luckiness of a court jester and sweetness of honey!

I was very fortunate to be the lucky lady whom Fawn found that faithful day June, 6, 2010...you see that was the day we met in front of Pet Smart in Temecula via ARK the Animal Rescue Kompany. On that day, I fell in LOVE and I made a for life commitment to Fawn. I am committed daily to keep her safe, happy and healthy....It's the very least I can do! Fawn, gives me and anyone who is lucky to meet her unconditional love and companionship are just a couple of words that I can convey of everything she brings.

Well, when I first brought Fonzi home we went through a series of different (healthy) choices in terms of a quality diet. Fawn would seem interested for a week or so then turn her nose up.

One day... while shopping at Kahoots...I came upon your food...we have never looked back! Fawn, has been eating S&C for 2.5 years now and she is a very happy and healthy baby girl and I am a happy mama!

Thank you, Thank you... for putting your resources together to make this amazing source of nutrition not only for your babies but for all to enjoy! 

- Sheri & Fawn

While pregnant, my Shih tzu became very picky and would not eat her dry kibble. I was getting very scard for her and went to the local pet store Little Critters here in Exeter NH. They were so kind and loaded me up with many free samples to try with my dog. The only food out of all the samples she would eat was Stella and Chewy's beef. We continued on it for the next month and she delivered 3 beautiful pups. The first female we named Stella in honor of your food. Thanks for a great product. 

- Kathy & Hope

This is the story of Aikia the Picky, who is a Shiba Inu who thought himself too good for any food for the common Dog Breeds. After all in His Mind He was the King of The Universe! So whenever his Minion placed any food in front of him that He deemed not up to His standards He'd stop eating, no matter how long it would take. "Relax" people would tell the Minion "he'll eat when he gets hungry," "Seven Days? I cried?" And would try another food or would stoop to hand feeding my Master.

The end of the tale is this, finally trying a grain-free product He deigned to eat, though without much enthusiasm, I perceived that its days were numbered. After buying a case too! When I spied Stella & Chewy's on the Shelf so I bought a bag without much hope. I brought it home and followed the instructions to mix the two foods together which I will do until the prior case is gone. And what did His Majesty Do? He lost his dignity completely and danced impatientiontly until I placed it in front of him! Then he proceeded to lick the bowl clean! A behavior he has never done in the entirety of his 8 year life to date.

So Thank You, Thank You, So very much it really takes a load off my mind to see him finally eat like a dog. Now I have to try your Cat food to see if his equally picky roommate could also be persuaded.

- Katherine & Aikia

In August 2011, we found a beautiful little beagle (#73) on facebook. She was in Kentucky and we are in New York. She was scheduled to be destroyed the following morning because the shelter didn't have enough room. They kept her another week because we promised to pick her up. We did and she was very sick. Ringworm, hookworm, tapeworm, lyme disease, and pregnant with twelve puppies. We got her very healthy on a raw diet, and she is the most perfect dog. Her name is Lucy.

When I saw your food and saw that you support animal rescues I immediately switched to your food for a trial to see how my dog would like it. She loved it.

I'm very happy to see the word "rescue" on the back of the bag. Happier still that you give to those rescues who need it.

So, my dog loves your food. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to donate to those shelters (and list them!). Again, thank you for your honest products.

- Samuel & Lucy

I guess there really is some truth about the saying "it doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you finish!" Our dog Dolly was fed a low quality grocery store brand food (Kibbles & Bits) at her previous home and at the rescue. Soon after we adopted her, she began to have horrible stomach pain and discomfort, no appetite and she was vomiting blood all the time.

She was suppose to be a cream color for her coat, but really looked like a pumpkin. We took her to the U.W. Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Madison for help. The end result was that Dolly was horribly allergic to chicken, all grains and food dyes! This immediately put me on a search to find the best quality all natural grain free pet food on the market today...Stella & Chewy's!

Today, Dolly is a very happy little dog that LOVES to eat! She dances for her meals! Her bleeding stomach has healed, her coat is a beautiful cream color and all her hair has grown back. There's no more itching, scratching, licking open sores, ear issues and her teeth are beautiful as well. We truly only have the need to visit our vet now for maintenance visits and annual exams! How wonderful is that?! 

- Jody & Dolly

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such wonderful food for dogs. My little guy Chewy is beyond finicky. To say he has a discriminating palate would be quite the understatement. He is so picky!.. Getting him to eat enough was a daily challenge. He refused wet dog food (forget dry food) and he would rather go hungry for days rather than eat it, unless it was hand fed to him.

Chewy was sickly from the time he was just a pup...allergies and constant diarrhea were the norm. He would eat and then immediately run outside with an upset tummy. I would cook for Chewy to tempt him to eat but even still we had good days and bad days and I worried he wasn't getting a full range of vitamins and nutrients.

Found your products about six months ago and I can't say enough great things! We had good success with the Lamb dinner at first but the Venison and the RABBIT.... WOW! I have never seen Chewy voluntarily eat with such enthusiasm and obvious joy. He not only WANTS to eat but licks every inch of the floor surrounding the plate. His energy levels are definitely up and his bowel movements are much more normal now. Since finding your products, the allergies and runny eyes are also very much improved. He is noticeably much more healthy and energetic.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and care that you put into your products. Chewy and I couldn't be more grateful.

- Lorie & Chewy

My cat Rusty Shackleford was only a little over a year old when his colon stopped working. The only chance for him to have a normal life was to have his colon removed. He had the surgery in November and it went well, but it was a very slow recovery. He was 9 pounds before the surgery and went down to 5. My local pet store recommended Stella & Chewy's and after consulting with my vet I started mixing it in with his prescription wet food. I started to see a difference in a couple of days. It's made a huge difference in both of our lives. He still has a long way to go and is still on medication but this is the first time I've seen such a drastic improvement since his surgery. Plus, he's been in a much better mood and more active too! Your Tummy Ticklin' Turkey is going to stay a part of his diet for sure! 

- Crystal & Shackleford

Since a puppy he has been rather picky about food and treats. However, since Stella and Chewy's came into his life that has changed! He devours every flavor and will pretty much do ANYTHING to get his paws on S&C. We even got him to do Pilates exercises for us (see picture- if you look closely there's a piece of Super Beef waiting for him at the top of the chair)! He's the perfect little boy cause he knows Stella and Chewy's are in his future. Thank you for such a wonderful, healthy product!

- Amy, Erik & Spartacus

I just wanted to send a quick word of thanks for your outstanding cat food!

Misty, my daughter's 8-year-old Siamese mix, has been struggling with Irritable Bowel Disease off and on for over two years. After almost wasting away on Vet-prescribed specialty food, Misty improved after she was stared on limited-ingredient natural kibble then canned food. However, she continued to loose weight and still regularly required oral antacids for stomach pain.

After going through numerous brands over the course of 24 months, Misty was only able to tolerate plain turkey. When she started refusing the only brand available of 100% organic canned turkey, I did additional research and discovered the benefits of a raw food diet for cats.

As an RN, I conducted exhaustive research to find the best raw food for Misty and came up with your wonderful Tummy Ticklin' Turkey Freeze-Dried Dinner! I really appreciate the attention to nutritional standards and food-safety. Misty greatly appreciates ALL the ingredients and literally attacks her food bag at meal times. We have never seen Misty so enthusiastic about eating and she has gained a full pound in 3 weeks, and she has not required any medication for her IBD since started on her raw food diet!

So, thanks again for creating such an amazing product! It may have just saved Misty's life!

- Carolyn & Misty

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your Stella & Chewy's Sea-licious Salmon and Cod Dinner. My cat, Jezebel, has many allergies, including food allergies, I believe. Anyway, she LOVES this fish-based product and I LOVE that it is raw AND freeze-dried. You've made our lives so much happier and healthier. 

- Liz & Jezebel

We have 3 rescue dogs and our littlest and oldest (Migsie) has been through 2 long years of chemotherapy. It's been a battle keeping her interested in food and finding bits of this and that tantalizing enough to hide medication in. She liked another food well enough but, when we ran out, I picked up a couple of different meals from Stella & Chewy's to try in its place. There is absolutely no comparison. Migsie turns into a werewolf around Duck Duck Goose! It looks good, smells good, and obviously tastes terrific; on top of that, it's a lifesaver - helping a special Rat Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier mix stay strong and fight the good fight. I can't thank you enough for your terrific products; I'm so glad I found and tried you!

- Lee & Migsie

I just wanted to write to say how thrilled we are to have the Stella & Chewy's food and treats available now for our little 8 lb. Pomeranian Rescue.

Like clock work, she would end up getting tired of and stop eating, every brand and type, of natural food I tried over the first year we had her. She was 8 when we rescued her and is an 11 year old Senior now, so she also has to watch her weight and waist.

Thank you so much for finally making something that's actually healthy and tasty, for our furry family members,
containing NO bad grains, hormones, antibiotics, or other awful additives that just cause more problems for them in the long run.

Please keep your fabulous products coming!!

- Colleen & Coco

My two dogs had terrible skin conditions and bad breath until I discovered Stella & Chewy's. I brought home Stella & Chewy’s and they loved it. I’ve been feeding it to them since August, and they are like new dogs! Congratulations on a perfect product.

- Elizabeth & Lulu

I rescued my dog Maya 6 years ago. She is a beautiful black lab/dane mix who had been abused and abandoned with her puppies. She was rescued and all her puppies adopted, but noone wanted and 80 pound 4 year old dog until I saw her and fell in love. Her main problem was there was not ONE dog food this dog would eat I tried everything I could think of and nothing, so she ended up on a "people food" diet. My sister is also a dog lover and found your food and recommended it to me since her boxer loves it. I was shocked and amazed when I gave her a few treats and she followed me in the house for more...then gave her 2 beef patties rehydrated and she licked the plate clean. Thank you so much...I know she will be much healthier and happier eating right.

- Teri & Maya

Thank you so much for your delicious and absolutely yummy Super Beef freeze-dried patties!! In a year when I not only earned my Extraordinary Champion Agility Title, was read to by numerous children in my role as a therapy dog AND turned 14 years young, I decided to become a bit more discriminating with my dining cuisine (in other words, I would not eat my kibble!!). That is, until "Mom" found your Super Beef patties!!! Now I actually eat my meals instead of looking in my bowl and then forlornly at Mom!! Thank you again!!!

- Leslie & Tigger

Wolfgang is our 14 yr old mix pup that we adopted at 11 yrs old when no one else wanted him. He's truly our baby! Since adopting him, he has always battled skin issues, allergies and scratching non-stop. We tried every dog food available, including Homemade but where frustrated that he was still not getting better. After crying the blues to my local pet store they recommended your food and I decided, why not?

Wolfgang is now in his 6th week of using the raw duck dinner and he counts the minutes between his meals. His coat which was dull and flat, is now shiny and thick, he has completely stopped scratching and licking his paws has been reduced to mornings only. My husband and I cannot get over his increased energy and we both agree, it's hard to keep up with his desire to constantly play and go for walks.

Thank you so much for a great product that works!

- Carrolynne & Wolfgang

What a great product you have. The combination of your food plus some blue green algae and probiotics, turned my aging kitty from a boney furless creature into a handsome boy. 

- Marie & Mr. Handsome

I just wanted to tell you what an amazing difference your food has made to my dog Fiona's life! Fiona is a 10 yr old Pomeranian that has had numerous stomach issues since day one. We have put her on several different (high end/ specialty) brands of food over the years and although they all seem to be good at first we always end up having to switch her again. Since discovering the freeze dried Surf 'N Turf patties at South Boston's b.y.o.d. location, she hasn't had any issues with her stomach and I discovered an extra bonus! Her breath smells almost as good as when she was a puppy! Hooray. I never knew food had such an affect on a dogs breath, but I guess it makes sense since whenever her tummy is upset her breath is terrible. If anyone is thinking about trying this food for their dog that has a sensitive stomach do it!

- Lana & Fiona

Mr. Dickens, who is 12, suffers from Congestive Heart Failure and for many years I cooked his food. But, with this came a lot of research about what Vitamins and Minerals he needed and I admit i miss calculated and he didn't get enought of one thing or another.

I read many articles that said that RAW IS THE WAY!!!!!! So i looked and looked. I found a pet shop that had raw food called 4legs here in Chicago. I met the owner, she was AMAZING!! She too had a doggie with the same problems and she explained that her dog only eats Stella & Chewy's RAW food. Convinced by the excitement in her voice about the food, I got it.

WHAT can I tell you guys!!!! I give him 4 patties/day and in 4 weeks Mr. Dickens is on his way to better health!!! Energy is back, his coat is super shiny and the vet is in awe with the result of this food.


- Cece & Mr. Dickens

I just want to say how grateful I am to have found your product, my 3 lb. Chihuahua Arwen was miserable from some unknown food allergy, she hated the super expensive vet foods, and they did little to relieve her symptoms and constant itching. Within a week of being on Stella & Chewy's her coat has improved immensely, and her sister Bella's coat as well. When we wake up in the morning, they follow me around like crazy until they get their breakfast! Thank you so much for your product, it's made my girl into a new dog!

- Ashley & Arwen